Why am I so stressed about the school bus?

So as I mentioned before, KL is more of a driving town than Rome.  Maybe not if you were visiting and staying in the middle of downtown.  But for me, the combo of heavy traffic, bad sidewalks, and rainstorms is putting driving front and center.

When I first realized I couldn’t walk the kids to school, I freaked out.  HARD.  This was not part of “the plan.”

Then I started to practice driving.  It’s nerve wracking.  Other side of the road.  Cars EVERYWHERE.  Motorcycles zooming between cars on both sides of you.  Tight parking spots.  All around not my cup of tea.

It turns out that there is a pay bus that could take the kids to school.  Which feels silly because the school is right across the street.  (The giant, mega huge street.  Ugh.)  But it exists.  It isn’t crazy cheap, but it’s reasonable.  We could afford it.

So why am I not jumping at this bus option??  We inquired and found out the general pickup and drop off times.  I hadn’t wanted to add too much time to the kids’ day, but it turns out, it really wouldn’t be that much.  Morning pick up would be about the same as when they leave now.  Afternoon sounds like it would be 15ish minutes later.  So not nothing, but not crazy.

For the listers among us, allow me to present my pros and cons.

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