My Travel Capsule Wardrobe: Outfit 5

This was the day that got rainy AND cold.  I really tried not to be a downer, but I was also feeling a little under the weather.  But it was like the strikes just kept adding up.  Like baseball strike outs.  Not bowling strikes.  That would be awesome.  TURKEY!  Nom nom nom.

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What a strange time

We leave Italy in less than a month.  In some ways I can’t believe it at all.  In other ways, it feels completely natural.  I could live here forever.  But it’s also time to go.

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My Travel Capsule Wardrobe

So remember how I explained about how I’m not a fashion blogger?  I’m not.  Not in the cards.  For so many reasons.

But I do like a good remix.  And I realized I have lots of capsule wardrobes that are created just because . . . you know, travel.  By necessity, you can only have a limited number of things when you are on the road.

So, with my star photographer’s (Henry’s) help, I made sure to capture all of my outfits on our recent Barcelona trip.

It isn’t an official Unfancy 10×10 because I had a few extra pieces.  Also, I don’t have 10 days of outfits.  No matter.  I’m not a fashion blogger anyway, right?  🙂

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My “Tips” on Traveling with Kids

Someone recently asked me for my thoughts on traveling with kids.  Any tips, tricks, ideas, etc.

My first thought was to demur.  I don’t really have any special insight.  You just sort of do it, right?

But then I realized I do have thoughts.  Or at least things that have worked for us.  So here are my travel things that have worked for us.  Some are Italy specific.  Some work for anywhere.

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The blog posts that weren’t

We are just over two months to go here.  TWO MONTHS!  AHHHHHHH.

You’ve probably noticed that this blog isn’t updated much these days.  Some of that is because we are on the road trying to cram in all the trips.

Some of that is because of our Year of Togetherness.  I’ve discovered that it is easier just to be out of the house as much as possible.  I enjoy my time with the kids more.  We interact more instead of my worrying about laundry or looking something up or whatever.  I also I hate trying to get a few things done and having the kids beg me to do stuff and tell them no all the time.  We could have just read together for an hour.  I still hate feeling like I’m always saying no.  Also, they might play beautifully by themselves for an hour, but it’s never reliable.  But if we spend tons of time outside of the house, they are generally thrilled to play with all their toys without me when we are back home.

I’m going to try use my last, limited blogging energy to put together some Best Of and Top Fave lists.  I know I can do this later, but I have a feeling that if I don’t get them together while we are still in Rome, I’m going to lose interest.

Because of all this, this means there are likely many posts that will never be.  Maybe someday.  But probably not.  Here’s a roundup of some of the posts that weren’t.

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