I want to go to there

Travel wishlist if we had all the money, all the time, and all the babysitters:

In Rome

  1. Villa Giulia
  2. Knights of Malta Keyhole
  3. The Time Elevator
  4. Domus Aurea Project
  5. Cinecitta
  6. Porta Portese
  7. M’Addubbai (restaurant)
  8. Hang out in Pigneto (more on it here and here)

In Italy

  1. Pompeii
  2. Naples
  3. Tuscany  (Hmm, that wasn’t very descriptive, was it?  I’m grouping towns into possible getaways:  Montepulciano, Montalcino & Pienza; Pisa & Lucca; and TBD.)
  4. Siena to see the Palio  (We visited Siena on 11/11/2014.  I have since realized that the Palio is a terrible goal even without kids that I would not enjoy.)
  5. Orvieto
  6. Shroud of Turin, to be exhibited April 19 – June 24, 2015
  7. Cinque Terre
  8. Villa d’Este in Tivoli
  9. Montepulciano
  10. Sutri?
  11. Tarquinia?
  12. Viterbo
  13. Calcata, the hill town taken over by hippies
  14. Siciliy
  15. Sardinia
  16. Monte Cassino
  17. Comune di Sermoneta

Farther Flung

  1. Barcelona
  2. Madrid?
  3. South/Coastal Spain
  4. Morocco/Gibraltar
  5. Scandinavia (I want to see a fjord.)
  6. Copenhagen? (Legoland)
  7. Southern France/Loire Valley
  8. Town in Switzerland only accessible by funicular
  9. Skiing in the Alps
  10. Christmas markets in Germany
  11. Bamberg (Where I spent my year study abroad)
  12. Castles in Germany
  13. Berlin/Potsdam
  14. Northern Germany?
  15. Salzburg
  16. Croatia/Dalmatian Coast
  17. Athens/Greek Islands
  18. Istanbul
  19. Egypt
  20. Golf in Ireland/Scotland
  21. Hiking in Luxembourg

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