One perfect day (for us!) in Rome

We miss Rome.  No bones about it.

What a strange phrase that really is.  I mean, I know what it means, but why on earth, right?  I just looked it up:

To make no bones about something means to say something in a way that leaves no doubt, or to have no objection to it.

The expression comes from fifteenth century England…if someone wanted to show that they were dissatisfied with something, they would find bones in it – a reference to finding bones in soup, which was not a pleasant discovery!

Therefore, finding bones was bad, and no bones was good. If you found no bones, you were able to enjoy the meal with no objections!

And now we know.

Anywho.  We miss Rome.  And it’s not just our friends there who we do miss very much.  That little slice of Italy got under our skin, and we’ll never be quite the same.

The other day at dinner we brainstormed on what we would do with just one more day in Rome.

You might be surprised.  It’s not glamorous.  But it is real, and it’s what we really loved. Continue reading

The finest gelato in the land

(As I alluded to here,) Rome’s best gelato is Come il Latte.  This place has everything:  chocolate fountains, salted caramel gelato (caramello al sale), and toddler facial hair.  What is toddler facial hair?  It’s that thing where you let your toddler have his own cone of gelato and he comes up with inventive beard and mustache patterns.

12.10_life 9

So that could pretty much be the whole post right there, but I will expand.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  Melissa, you’ve only been in Rome a hot minute.  Can you really say that you have found the best gelato?  You haven’t posted anything else about gelato.  You haven’t been on a gelato crawl.  You haven’t hit the places that are touted as best in the city.  How can you possibly make such an outlandish claim??

And I hear you.  That’s valid.  But also poppycock.  Because this is the real deal.  Thank goodness this place is not right by my house because that would be Trouble.  (Get it, trouble with a capital T!)

First up, this place is adorable.  I love the windows.  The chalkboard.  The way the bonus desserts are displayed.  It’s super cute.  They have a few seats inside so you can ogle the gelato and benches out front.

come 3

come 4come 1

Next, did I mention the chocolate fountains?  One dark chocolate and one white, which I am only mentioning in the sake of blog reportage because why on earth would you pick white over dark?  Although I guess it could be good with the fruit flavors.  And probably many of the others.  I’ll probably never know because . . .

come 2

Did I mention that they have salted caramel???  This stuff is so good.  Stupid good.  When you add chocolate fountain and homemade whipped cream (which I highly recommend), it becomes a truly otherworldly experience.  They do have many other yummy looking flavors.  James enjoyed the coffee and I think chocolate.  Maybe I’ll get there someday.  But it will probably be awhile.

come 5

So there you have it.  Rome’s bestest gelato.  Creamy.  Rich.  Not crazy sweet.  If you get a cone, they put chocolate in the bottom AND on top.  Not smack dab in the middle of downtown, but very close.  And they are open late!  I think till midnight.  Which makes it a perfect place to stop after your late night (or at the usual time if you are Italian) dinner.

See, and you thought this was going to become all Germany all-the-time up in here, didn’t you?  Don’t worry, you’ll get sick of hearing about the trip soon enough.  But as I say, there’s always room for gelato.

Come il latte   |  Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26 – Roma  |  tel. 06.42903882