Tell me your inside jokes

I don’t remember what we were reading, but some book referenced inside jokes.  Inevitably, “Mom, what’s an inside joke?”

Hmm.  You know, it’s that thing where something is funny to you that isn’t funny to other people.  Uh, because context.  Because they weren’t there when something happened.  Because other people aren’t in on the joke.  (Or some other similarly cogent explanation.)

Like . . . I scratched my head for examples . . . when . . .

But after fumbling, I realized our family does have inside “jokes,” and I’m guessing yours does too.  These are some of ours.

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Friday Funnies

Aren’t internet videos the best?  I swear I could be having the worst day ever, but I could see a crazy cat video and I would perk up at least a little bit.  Sometimes instead of watching TV, James and I just sit and scroll through Uproxx and watch interesting sounding videos.  #cheapdate

I’ve found a critical mass of videos so thought I’d send you off with a laugh into your lovely weekend.  Cheers!

I am not on board with teaser trailers for commercials, but I do heart Mindy Kaling.  Is it really almost the Super Bowl?

Speaking of football, NFL 2015 bad lip reading is out.  I could literally watch this over and over all day.

You know Drunk History?  Well, this is similar, but with kids telling a bible story.  A question for the ages: what would Jesus do about Frozen?

You guys are probably over this, but I am also tickled every time by Salt-N-Pepa’s Geico Push It ad.  #borninthe80s #childofthe90s

I wish there was a video of this.

Wishing you fun, relaxation, and cat videos.