James will revoke my computer privileges if I don’t close some tabs*

So I’m sharing them with you.  🙂

Yup.  Comcast is the worst.

Super looking forward to this.

Nothing against Italian fall flavors, but I’ve been eying this pumpkin white bean chili for a cozy dinner.

YA’LL, did you know that The Limited has a Scandal collection?

Trying to decide whether to put this shirt on my Christmas list.

Definitely putting this on the list:

stella & dot sutton necklace

Not a link, but when searching for my mom’s sweet potato souffle recipe in Google Drive, I came across my shopping list for our whole30 last year.  (The successful one, unlike this one.)  It was titled “Groceries for End of Days.”  I am hilarious.

Ok, James, that is as much as I can close.  Back soon with more on our Tuscan adventure.  Have you seen any good internet lately?  Sigh, you probably shouldn’t tell me.  It will just generate more tabs.

*Obviously,  James could not stop me from using the computer, but he could nicely suggest that I stop using his computer aka the nicer, newer (heh, four year old) computer that is hooked up with the nice, big monitor.