Some day is now

Our farewell trip to SC.  My last day of work.  Our going away party.  Our pack-out.

All of these things seemed like distant dates on the calendar.  Now they have happened.

Our flight is today.  It feels very real.  And yet not at all.

I have spent the last few days saying goodbye to friends.  To DC.  Visiting favorite restaurants again.  (Las Placitas.)  Crossing a few things off the DC to see list.  (Visited the Maine Avenue Fish Market yesterday.  Recommend.)

Now this is happening.  We are moving.  Across the ocean.

I’m excited.  I’m looking forward to the adventure.  To being settled and not living out of a suitcase.  Less so the flight.

And I’m sad.  We have amazing friends here.  It has been 10 years in DC.  You love a lot in 10 years.

I have escaped emotional basket case status by not focusing on how real it is.  There is the internet.  And facebook.  We’ll be back to visit.  Three years will be fast.

But I know we will miss a lot.  Many things change in three years.  We will not get to pick up right where we left off.

But that’s the trade off.  For what I hope is an amazing adventure.  And it is happening NOW.

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