Welcome to the SPRING OF FITNESS

Happy New Year everyone!  Did I ever tell you about that time I lost weight and made $50?  No?  (Hang on, checking the archives.)  No, you’re right, I didn’t.

Here’s the skinny.  (heh)  Around this time last year, Roo announced a Diet Bet.  I was planning on buckling down on my fitness anyway, and I was definitely intrigued about a competition.  A competition where you can make money?   Yes please!

To inaugurate 2016, I have announced to everyone who will listen (and some that won’t) the commencement of the Spring of Fitness.  But Melissa, it is pretty much winter.  You are really jumping the gun on this one.  Shhshhshh, there now, quiet, it’s OK.  For whatever reason, spring is stuck in my head and this is what we are going with.  You’re probably sick of winter by now anyway.

Actually, it is has been really hot.  Like unseasonably warm where I live.  I’d enjoy a little winter!

You guys!  If you don’t stop hijacking this post, I’ll never get around to telling you about that thing I want to tell you before the kids wake up from their naps.

Which is . . . . this year I’m hosting my own DietBet.  Just a little friendly weight loss competition where you have the opportunity to make some cash.  (Did I tell you I made $50 on my last one?  I did already?  All for doing something I was planning on doing anyway.)

What is the diet challenge?  DietBet sums it up better than me, but here are the highlights:

  • The game kicks off on January 4.  You can weigh in starting tomorrow, and you can join until Day 14.
  • You do weigh ins at home by taking a picture of yourself in a mirror on the scale.  You upload the photos and DietBet verifies.
  • You DO NOT have to share your weight with any of the group participants.
  • Weigh out for the game is on February 1 or 2.
  • If you miss the goal (4% lost in the month), you have to pay $25.  If you hit it, you pay nothing and get to split the pot from the losers.
That’s it.  If you’d like to play along, JOIN HERE.  This is more fun with friends!
You may see fitness and health type posts hijacking the blog here for awhile, but I promise to squeeze in some travel shenanigans and you know I’ll keep it weird.
Here’s to our best SPRING OF FITNESS EVAH!

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