Where to next?

Some time this past summer, James and I (and Mac) ate lunch at Old Ebbitt.  We were running errands and managed to duck in right before a torrential summer thunderstorm.  I was more than happy to sit and eat my fill of oysters.  Since getting to Europe feels like half the battle, we used that meal to brainstorm on our  travel wishlist.  You can see it over on the new I want to go to there page.  I’m sure the Italy list will grow quite a bit as we talk to more people and read more Rick Steves.

We have a pretty good idea on what we aren’t trying to see.  Granted, we wouldn’t turn down trips, but these things feel pretty well covered.  We spent 8 days in Paris at the end of 2010.  We did Normandy then too.  I’d take the kids there to see the beaches if they were going to be a little older.  And eat oysters, of course.  We’ve done London and Edinburgh.  We’ve been to Prague.  We’ve done Florence and Venice.  As much as I love the idea of seeing Henry chasing the pigeons in St. Mark’s Square, I love the idea of not having to be on canal watch 24-7 more.

It’s an ambitious list.  To make a dent, we’d have to be planning a major trip at least every quarter.  Now that we are planning our first big trip–looking at the Christmas Markets in Munich and Nuremberg this December–I’m feeling completely overwhelmed.  I can barely move my children around this city.  How will I move them among, around, and between more cities?

To break down the parts: we would need transportation to the airport, a flight, transportation to location, train to a second city, and then everything in reverse.  I know this can be doable.  I swear we traveled when it was just Henry.  Right now two just feels overwhelming.  I really should borrow someone else’s child for a bit.  After three, I’m sure two would seem fine.

So where to go when?  Once our car situation is straightened out, I’m hoping to start knocking out close towns in Italy.  The Shroud of Turin is only on display next April to June.  The Palio only happens in July and August.  Scandinavia would probably be a summer thing.  I’m thinking of running the marathon in Berlin, which would be next September.  I spent Easter in Luxembourg with a friend once where I realized you could hike the whole country.  I guess we should do that stat when we can carry the kids or at the end when they can walk more?

Either way, we need to get to scheduling and get to traveling.  The Island of Elba has already been recommended to us.  What else are we missing?


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