Munich on my mind

Ya’ll, we are heading to Munich and Nuremberg soon!  I’m very excited.  There is still a lot to do.  I need to get to work on a game plan and picking restaurants.  But I’m stoked.  Things I am excited about, in no particular order:

The Christkindlmarkts  A main reason for the trip.

Gluhwein  I’ve tried making my own mulled wine at home, but it is never as good.

Gebrannte Mandeln Those sweet, street almonds are my jam.

Seeing Henry’s face at BMW Welt

Seeing Henry’s face on the planes and trains

German beer  I heart wine.  And I’m giving Italian beers a shot.  But I’m pretty excited for some German beer.

Seeing if I remember any German  I did a year of study abroad in Germany, but this was ages ago.  My German was never that great, but I got around.  Now with Italian, I get frustrated because I feel like I can say all these things in German.  Time to put my money where my mouth is . . .

I am less excited about:

The Cold  Although you’d never know it by looking at the Romans wearing sweaters, scarves, and puffer coats, we’ve been enjoying temps in the 60s here still.  Munich, not so much.  It will probably be closer to the 30s.  I think it does make the Christmas markets special when it is actually cold, but we’ll have to be prepared.  As long as it doesn’t rain, I promise not to whine too much.  The forecast calls for “ice pellets” on one day.  Gulp.

Sharing a hotel room  We looked at some airbnb, but eventually opted for a hotel that claims they will give us two cribs and that they will both fit in our room.  This could be interesting.

Anyone been to Munich lately?  Any recommendations??