Now for some gratitude

Thanks for listening to me whine.  Now I’m focused on gratitude.  First and foremost being the health of my family, the fact that we are all together, and that we are not worried about our next paycheck or meal.

Here are other things, big and small, that I’m grateful for at the moment.  (This list is not inclusive and lack of publication should not be deemed as lack of gratitude.)  In no particular order . . .

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Look Ma . . . I’m on the internet . . . in a bikini (Eep!)

Remember once upon a time when I said my goal for this year was to wear a two piece this summer?

Remember when I said I probably wouldn’t show you though?

(Especially not pics from THIS DAY at the beach.)



I’m not doing it here, but I sent in some pics to The Mom Edit.  Readers around here know that I love Shana and her team.  Their recommendations have been molto helpful to me, especially for swim.  If this is helpful to anyone else on their swimsuit quest, I’m happy willing to share.

Check it out here.

James will revoke my computer privileges if I don’t close some tabs*

So I’m sharing them with you.  🙂

Yup.  Comcast is the worst.

Super looking forward to this.

Nothing against Italian fall flavors, but I’ve been eying this pumpkin white bean chili for a cozy dinner.

YA’LL, did you know that The Limited has a Scandal collection?

Trying to decide whether to put this shirt on my Christmas list.

Definitely putting this on the list:

stella & dot sutton necklace

Not a link, but when searching for my mom’s sweet potato souffle recipe in Google Drive, I came across my shopping list for our whole30 last year.  (The successful one, unlike this one.)  It was titled “Groceries for End of Days.”  I am hilarious.

Ok, James, that is as much as I can close.  Back soon with more on our Tuscan adventure.  Have you seen any good internet lately?  Sigh, you probably shouldn’t tell me.  It will just generate more tabs.

*Obviously,  James could not stop me from using the computer, but he could nicely suggest that I stop using his computer aka the nicer, newer (heh, four year old) computer that is hooked up with the nice, big monitor.