Now for some gratitude

Thanks for listening to me whine.  Now I’m focused on gratitude.  First and foremost being the health of my family, the fact that we are all together, and that we are not worried about our next paycheck or meal.

Here are other things, big and small, that I’m grateful for at the moment.  (This list is not inclusive and lack of publication should not be deemed as lack of gratitude.)  In no particular order . . .

Working appliances

Our dryer started making a burning smell on like Day 2 of lockdown.  Thankfully, our landlord was able to swap in a dryer from another unit.  I had already been preparing myself.  At least it’s the dryer.  You can air dry clothes.  People have done that for thousands of years.  You’ll be fine.  So what if it’s super humid and you keep letting the clothes get rained on.  You’ll be fine.  But then it worked out and we got to be with a dryer again!  Huzzah!

Which just made me think again about how wonderful all of these appliances are.  We really are living that Jetsons lifestyle.  After hearing again about how much more efficient and water saving dishwashers are, we’ve really been leaning into that one too.

Hot beverages

I don’t know why, but literally all I want to do all morning is to drink hot beverages these days.  Thank you, coffee, for being delicious and, James, for being lightly obsessed with buying excellent coffee and ways to make it delicious.

Caring Teachers

Like many others, our school is doing distance learning.  Since we are in uncharted territory, everyone is figuring things out, and it has been a bit overwhelming.  Picture MANY emails x two kids.  We definitely aren’t getting everything done and are cherrypicking what we want to work on (the rule follower in me is trying to be OK with this), but we are crazy grateful for these teachers.  For showing up.  For being supportive.  For everything they do really.

The internet and streaming services

I’ve been trying to picture what lockdown would have been like if I was a kid.  We’d probably have broken our VHS player from overuse.  Fort building, baking, reading, and many other things would have been the same.  But, golly, it sure is swell to call up an Amazon playlist for a dance party or let them watch some Pokemon nonsense of their choosing when Arthur naps so we all get a break.  The internet lets us stay connected to our family and friends.  It makes all that distance learning possible.  It lets us learn how to draw The Pigeon.  Truth be told, I’ve found the mountain of free resources being offered online to be pretty overwhelming, but I sure am glad they are there.


It is never a dull moment here.  Since we can’t have playdates, thank goodness for brother power.  I’m always impressed by their creativity of what they get into together.  They’ve been making their own Pokemon cards and comic books lately.  They’ve also been playing “hide from the baby” which sounds mean, but everyone seems to enjoy it.  There are plenty of fights and occasional tears, but I’m still glad that they have each other.

Arthur’s smile

Arthur is 14 months old and is really flexing his toddlerhood.  He has mostly figured out how to walk, although a constantly split lip and head bruise reveal he still struggles.  I’d be lying if I didn’t think  a gazillion times a day, “wow [insert literally any activity here] would sure be easier without having a toddler underfoot,” but then he smiles his little goofball smile and I remember that easier isn’t always better.  DO NOT think I do not treasure the smiles of my other children (I do), but this bumbling toddler never fails to bring us back to the moment.  For anyone spiraling out with anxiety (raises hand), I highly recommend hanging out with a toddler.  It is rediscovering pure joy about all of the little things in life.

Speaking of those children, I need to go tend to them and feed them.  There are just a few of the gazillion things I’m thank for these days, and I’m sure there will be more to follow.  What’s on your gratitude list these days?

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