Now for some gratitude

Thanks for listening to me whine.  Now I’m focused on gratitude.  First and foremost being the health of my family, the fact that we are all together, and that we are not worried about our next paycheck or meal.

Here are other things, big and small, that I’m grateful for at the moment.  (This list is not inclusive and lack of publication should not be deemed as lack of gratitude.)  In no particular order . . .

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Can I just whine about?

As I established previously, I am a gazillion percent lucky for a gazillion reasons.  I am very grateful, and I am focusing on that gratitude and I will share more of that here soon.  In the meantime, can I just whine about a few things?  These are all very minor, don’t matter in the grand-or-even-small scheme of things, but it makes me feel better to let it out.  So thanks for listening.  Here we go.

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