When to push it?

When to push it_

We were all set to go away this weekend.  Take advantage of the holiday.  Get out of town.  Check something else off the list.  It was gonna be great.

We found an amazing looking airbnb.  I plotted an itinerary I thought would work with our family’s rhythms.  I had a game plan to eat out and cook at home.  It was gonna be great.

Then the airbnb host responded and said that property wasn’t available only for two days even though it says that NOWHERE on the listing.

Then the forecast looked bleak.  Like rain all weekend all the time.  After having a stretch of dry days, I’d almost forgotten how much of a bummer the rain here can be.

We searched for another airbnb, but we couldn’t find anything that looked as nice.  Definitely not anywhere I’d want to be stuck if it rained nonstop.

We looked at the lovingly crafted itinerary.  Literally everything on the list we want to do is outside.  EVERYTHING.

Laura Vanderkam has mentioned recently about the do it anyway approach.  Yeah, you’re tired and your sweatpants are giving you that come hither look, but just do it.  You’ll probably have fun once you do and you’ll have the fun memories to look back on.

I’ve mentioned, less recently, the struggle on when to go for it.  When do you see the thing, even though doing it could push your kids past the point of enjoying being around them?

We pulled the plug.  After much deliberation, we will not be on a jaunt to Tuscany this weekend.  I hated doing it.  I hope it is the right call.

It’s just that rain with the kids is not fun.  Rain in the winter–cold, chills you to the bone rain–is downright miserable.  Kids + cold rain = not a fun weekend.  These are sights I want to actually see.  Not to just survive and endure.

So what is the answer for this bummer of a fail on the go-for-it attempt?  I am determined to have the best weekend in Rome ever.  Fun will be planned.  We will see things here.  We will see friends.  We will adventure!  And we’ll start working on planning another trip soon.  (My mom is coming in less than three weeks.  W00t!  Look out Rome.)

Do you get a three-day weekend?  Any big plans?  I wish you fun and adventure!