A blog is born!

I did it!  I named the puppy.  After much deliberation, I picked a blog name and locked it down, along with corresponding gmail and twitter handles.  

This was hard for me.  Why so difficult?  I have a lot of themes I’d like to cover.  Some go together, some not really.  I wanted a title to cohesively pull together:

  • life after biglaw
  • my attempts at parenting two wee ones
  • minimalism and simplicity
  • prepping to leave the country
  • attempts at writing
  • adventures in Rome
  • food

And I’m sure other things that I’m now forgetting.  I happened to be whining about how hard picking a blog title was to my family (#firstworldproblems) when they congregated for my darling niece’s baptism.  Because I’m so tickled–both by the titles and the fact that they even tried–I wanted to share their suggestions:

  • Rooming in Rome
  • Mommy Gladiator-something idea
  • Spaghetti on the wall
  • Spicy meatball
  • Call and see em
  • To Roam with Love
  • The Italian Blog
  • Gelato
  • Italian Graffiti
  • Renaissance Dare/woman/something
  • Ciao bella/chow bella
  • Project runaway to rome
  • A Roma Therapy
  • The/my Roman forum
  • Something with roman numerals
  • Fiddling in Rome
  • Caesar’s commentaries
  • Hadrian’s wall
  • Circus minimus
  • Rome Antics
  • Something with a play on rom-com like Romemantic comedy…rome-antics

I settled on Roman Reboot as something that could conceivably cover all the topics.  Also, in case I’m blogging years from now after we leave Rome, I didn’t think I’d hate the title even though it has “Roman” in it.  Because this is what I’d like to capture.  My efforts on trying something different to create the life that I want.  I like many things about my current life and some I will miss very much.  Leaving the law (temporarily?) and moving to a foreign country are a pretty big course correction.  I hope not an over-correction.  I guess will see and tweak again if needed.

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