Everything is awesome!

While not sleeping on the plane, I did have a chance to catch up on some movies I’ve missed.  I watched Divergent, after just finishing the book last month.  I thought it did a good job.  And the guy is hot.

I also watched the Lego Movie.  I wasn’t as blown away, but it was cute.  And everything is awesome is crazy catchy.  I defy you to watch this and not get it stuck in your head for hours.

But—other than jet lag—things are pretty awesome here!  It does not feel real.  We were fairly quiet on the drive from the airport, just soaking it in.  Different trees.  Ruins.  Rome.

I love our place, and I think we will be happy here.  The location seems great.  We have good space.  Good water pressure.  The welcome kit is amazing.  We heard horror stories of only receiving three plates, a mug, and sandpaper sheets.  But we have sheets, towels, and an almost fully-stocked kitchen.  There are even carpets we didn’t know about.

If anything, there is too much here.  I wish we had packed less.  When our sea freight gets here (in October?), things could get interesting.  This is small, but no garbage disposal.  I need to figure out how this works.  Obviously no chunks of food, but is it going to back up if wash sauce on plates down the drain?

Jet lag with kids is no joke.  After we arrived at our place, around 1100 local, we all ended up crashing for several hours.  Everyone went to bed on time, but both kids were up a few hours later.  After several fruitless attempts to induce more sleep, I gave up and hung out with them a few hours, before putting them back to bed.

Nap times were more on schedule today.  I am cautiously optimistic that we’ll be close to normal in a few days.

Our awesome sponsor did some initial grocery shopping.  We did a little more, at the conveniently located supermarket a few blocks away, and—other than our gelato—have been eating at home.  First trip to a restaurant could be tomorrow.

I am trying to remember that all things take time.  We did just get here.  Eventually, our things will be unpacked.  I’ll lose some more baby weight.  Italian women seem impossibly thin.  So far, I’ve seen moms in backless tops and shorty shorts.  And I’ll work on Italian.  In my sleep deprived haze, these things just seem impossible.

But things are gorgeous.  Right now, all of the flora-filled balconies are enchanting.  I’m really excited.  Even if it doesn’t feel real yet, this feels good.

Non-seq:  Just finished Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowlings second Cormoran Strike mystery.  Loved it.  Not sure why I am only just now realizing that I really like mysteries.

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