And on the 7th day there was internet

And it was good.  This was an unexpected plus.  We were scheduled for install next Tuesday, but the guy called because he happened to be in the neighborhood today.  Score!  This is not something I thought would happen here.  It definitely came in handy when we indulged in a few youtube videos right before James got home.  Henry is growing fond of Winnie the “Poop.”

We also received our air freight shipment today.  (The 700 lbs mentioned here.)  We had a 1-2 week window so this was also prompt.  Henry was so excited to see his toys that we didn’t make it outside this afternoon.  James is incredibly excited about the arrival of the mattress topper and nice sheets.  A bottle of Dreft exploded, but not too many casualties found as of yet.

So still need to get an Italian bank account, cell phones, and many other things.  But progress has been made.  And I’ll drink to that.  (Chianti from the fancy wine store this evening.)  W00t!

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