What Nobody Tells You About Pregnancy

Ok, here’s the scoop.  Did you know that your hair looks amazing while you are pregnant?  Lush, shiny, full.  Probably as a gift to distract from cankles.  Of course you knew that.  This is no secret.

BUT did you know that a few months after you have the baby, your hair falls out??  Apparently, the lushness and shininess is all because the hairs are hanging on and not letting go.  But NOW.  This is their time to jet.  We’re talking about more hair shedding around the house than living with a sheepdog with allergies.  So much hair falling out in the shower that you wonder how you still have hair on your head.  So much hair that you somehow find one in the baby’s diaper.  So much hair that your two-year-old is so used to finding errant mommy hairs around that he knows to go put them in the trash.

Oh, you knew that, too?  Well, aren’t you savvy.  You get a pregnancy gold star.

BUT.  No really.  This is the part that no one tells you.

Regrowing your hair really sucks.

For example, I have these two little tufts at my crown.  Sometimes they can be covered by the existing hair.  But sometimes they curl up like little devil horns.  Sometimes they just do not want to be tamed.

2.5_hair 2

Mom trick: using a cute baby to distract from hair horns

I think the hair-tuation was mostly solved last time by having another baby.  Alas, this is not a long term strategy or solution.  Short term solution:  headbands.

2.5_hair 1

#halfbangsareawesome #hairhorns #tuftsFTW

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