ICYMI: are you sick of the 30 Day EVERYTHING Challenge yet edition


Welcome back, sports fans.  I’m sorry.  I hoped for the results post on the challenge today, but it won’t be ready until next week.  Between planning for the lake this weekend and truncated naps, I’m a little behind.

Also, if you have any questions on the challenge, please lemme know.  I may do an FAQ post, and it is always fun to have actual questions instead of just the usual conversation with myself.  Not that I’m not a stellar conversationalist.  Why, thank you, self.

Until then . . .

On the blog:

In case you’ve missed it, come check out the challenge.

What is this 30 Day EVERYTHING Challenge anyway?

Did you actually make it?  Well, mostly.  Check out the first half here and the second half here.

Did you like it?  Overall, I’m glad I did it.  See what is working for me and what still needs work.

News team, be warned.  This could be the first of many challenges.  I’m already eying a finance challenge and a minimalism one.  Any other challenge ideas?

On the internets:

Watch swinging your arms around here!  I can’t say I’ve seen all of these, but I do see Italians talking with their hands constantly, even when on the phone.

I’ve just started using, but I’m LOVING this tanning lotion so far.  Noticeable after the first application.  It only has a subtle self-tanner tang and mostly smells a little lemony.

All my DC peeps, can you promise to check this out??

Are you guys also obsessed with the new album from Killers frontman Brandon Flowers??  I could (and do) listen to Lonely Town on continuous repeat (although the rest of the album is also very good).  I defy you not to feel the need to arm pump when that beat starts up.  Here, check out the subtly creepy video.

This is long, but Mindy Kaling!!  I’ve been watching in bits and pieces.  Check out more on BookCon at MMD.

Happy weekend, ya’ll!

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