Enjoying the moment in Turin

10.20_turin 6

I really really really try not to do this.  I promise I do.

But I can’t help thinking that certain things, particularly travel-related things, will be easier in just a few years.

And I know.  I’m working on enjoying the moments.  I swear.  But you just have these little niggling thoughts, ya know?

Even when they are good at traveling, the kids are not ideal tourists.  Generally for the reason that they are not really interested in the things that make a sight awesome.  You want me to admire this architecture?  I’m gonna go kick this rock instead.

Mister and I “joke” that we are going to create Toddler World some day, a theme park dedicated to all your toddler fun needs.  Basically there will be foam versions of every single thing you want your kid to stop playing with now because can’t we just walk to the park???  Like curbs.  Or those ropes that divide lines.  Or fences.  It probably won’t work because the insurance on this place will be astronomical, but this is my retirement strategy.  (YES, Judgy McJudgerson, I also have other retirement strategies.  Or at least James does.  I hope.)

So all these feelings of why-are-you-guys-such toddlers came to full force when we did a day trip to Turin in June.  The legit Shroud of Turin was on display.  (Usually there is a replica.)  This was a big deal.  We wanted to take advantage.

Once we looked at how cheap flights are we started thinking . . . could we just do it as a day trip?  This would save on the hassle of trying to find a hotel and packing and all that other not fun stuff that travel planning entails.

So we booked a cheap flight on Vueling.  That, of course, they moved the times on.  Which was no good because then we would only be in Turin for like 2.5 hours.  NOPE.  And, of course, we couldn’t contact them because apparently all these budget airlines make their money off phones.   It cost like a euro a minute to contact them.  And they didn’t respond to any of our emails that we sent through the proper channels.  But then they straight up canceled the flight which gave us an option for a refund.  Hooray?

So we booked a slightly-less-cheap Al Italia flight.

And I started itinerary planning for our exciting day in Turin.  And immediately got bummed because Turin looked ADORABLE and how could I possibly see everything in one day and WHOSE IDEA was this crazy day trip anyway??

I planned an ambitious itinerary.  Sometimes I recognize that this is not wise.  But sometimes I figure that we’re all going to be cranky anyway so we might as well see things I want to.

10.20_turin 1

We started the day at Parco del Valentino to see the medieval village (Borgo Medioevale).  (Well, “started” in Turin.  This is several hours after the whole waking up early and getting to the airport and flight start.)

This was a particularly frustrating moment.  I just wanted to see this village and a few flowers or something.  Henry found a squirrel friend and could not be persuaded to move.  Awesome.

10.20_turin 2

On our walk to town, I was not super impressed.  Turin was not adorable.  It was just a city.  But then we got on a tram to hasten our walk and it started to get TOTES ADORBS.  Galleries lining the sidewalks.  Gleaming storefronts.  Old World charm.  A little German or Austrian feeling, which I guess makes sense given the location.

10.20_turin 4

We stopped at a store to get some giandiaone, a hazelnut chocolate amazingness that was supposedly invented here.  (This was one of my Whole30 fail days.)  Henry may have missed out on this because of a stroller nap.  Well, kid, you snooze, you lose.  LITERALLY.

10.20_turin 3

We saw the Shroud.  (My sister wrote more on the actual Shroud here.)  They built some mega infrastructure around this thing.  Like they had lines set up to accommodate thousands of people.  Thankfully, either because it was later in the visit or a weekday, we mostly just kept walking on in.  You only get a few minutes with the Shroud.  It is very intriguing to see.  (Although I’m guessing I would not have been able to tell the difference between this and a replica.)

We had a late lunch at Le Vitel Etonne.  Tasty stuff.

Then we headed to the Cinema Museum which is inside the Mole Antonelliana, the tallest masonry building in all of Europe at the time of its completion in 1889.

10.20_turin 5

THIS was a cool museum.  I thought it would be an interesting air-conditioned place to hang for a few hours, but it was legitimately an awesome museum in its own right.  It started with floors explaining the evolution of moving pictures.  Then got into more movie memorabilia and such.  Everything in English.  Very slick-looking.  Inside the center, there is a swanky viewing room with lounger chairs.  You can see the glass elevator taking people to the top of the Mole Antonelliana moving while you see clips of films.  We didn’t get to see everything, but I definitely recommend this one.

And then we left.

It was a good day.  A full day.  With some spectacular moments and spectacular meltdown moments, as most days are around here, particularly those that jettison the sacred afternoon nap.

And whenever I am tempted to imagine how effortless travel will be in a few years (snort), I try to enjoy all the perks of now.

Right now I am the decider.  I get to be absolutely in charge in a way that won’t last much longer.

Right now my kids think I know everything.

Right now my kids want to spend oodles of time with me.

Right now I can comfort them just with my presence.

I know these days are numbered.  Henry already tells me sometimes to “stop singing.”

It is impossible not to think of the future.  But I try to remind  myself to enjoy right now.

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