3 Ways to be an Excellent Running Buddy

3.15_Running Buddy Canva

So I ran a half marathon this weekend.  This was my 5th half, and my second in Italy.  I finished at 2:11:11.  Not a PR for me, but it was very close.  Overall, I was quite pleased with my performance.

The Roma Ostia half is a point to point race.  You start south of the city and then run straight to the coast.  Like STRAIGHT.  Like 12 miles of the race is all on the same road.  Shockingly, this was NOT as exciting as you might imagine it to be.  I know, right?

Let’s just say that I was beyond grateful to have my trusty running buddy by my side.  She pulled me along, commiserated on the seemingly never-ending hills, and just overall made me happier to be there.  (Thanks, friend!)

I think I’ve mentioned here before–but too lazy to look it up now–that, for the first time, I have regular running buddies.  For my DC running, I occasionally met up with people, but most was on my own.  I still like a sometimes by myself run to zone out and think deep thoughts that I immediately forget, but I’m really loving the buddies.  They have made me faster.  They have made me smile.  Most importantly, they have gotten me out the door on days when I happily would have pulled the covers back up to my chin if left to my own devices.  (Thanks, friends!)

I would like to apologize to my friends though for being the weakest link in the group.  I’m generally not late, but I’m probably going to be the last one to show up.  I NEVER stop talking during a run.  I’m generally the slowest.  See previous possibly related point on talking.

Pretty grim, right?  But let me try to convince you that I am actually an EXCELLENT running buddy, and we should totally go pound the pavement together.

1.  Endless Entertainment

Remember the constant chatter?  This could drive you nuts, but it could also distractify you from those painful hills.

I generally show up to a run with an agenda list of items to discuss.  If we exhaust that, I’ll probably talk about travel plans.  (I could talk about trips for miles.)  If we somehow exhaust that, I’ll dig deep and try to get you to open up about deep stuff like what happens after we die or who is your celebrity crush du jour.

Like I said, this could drive you batty if you are the strong, silent type.  But I’m trying to spin it as a positive for the rest of you.  I’m just so happy to see you, and I don’t want to waste any of our time together!  BTW, did you see Deadpool yet . . . and I love your top, is that new . . .

2.  I will make you feel cute


Back in 2009 when I got back into running, I purchased some moisture-wicking workout gear and called it a day.  (Yeah, Under Armour Charged Cotton!)  I’m not sure I’ve bought any additional stuff since.

I want to embrace the running tights and capris because I think they are very cute, but I haven’t gone there yet because of (1) laziness and (2) insecurity on what the underwear solution is.  Like do you just not wear them? 

(I ask WAY too many people about this; apologies to all my running buddies.  And to all the random people I see who look cute in their tights.  I know we don’t know each other well enough for this conversation.  I just can’t stop myself.  You look so cute!)

And don’t even get me started on my ponytail.  It is like my hair bands are CONSTANTLY in that state where you can twist three times, but not quite that fourth to really keep it secure.  And somehow all of the bottom half of my hair falls out anyway.

The bottom line:  if you walk out of the house wearing clothes, you will look like a running goddess alongside me.  (And by alongside, I, of course, mean slightly in front of, with me trying to catch up.)

3.  I will buy you things

Speaking of looking cute, you saw that super attractive fanny pack I’m rocking?  Yeah, I wear that all the time.  I mean, where else do you put your phone??

I started wearing this when training for a marathon because I figured you should train how you plan to race.  It also became such a handy place for my phone, keys, and money that I can’t put it down.

Those days, I always carried emergency cab money.  I figured that if I broke myself somewhere on a run, it was good to have options.

But instead of cabs, we can buy OTHER stuff.  You want a coffee after the run?  How about a juice?  Oh, you don’t have money?  No problem!  My giant Camelbak has us covered.  Just don’t ask me for water.  I had to take out the bladder to have room for all my junk.

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