Something different in Marrakesh

5.25_marrakesh 1

“What are you most excited about for your trip?”

“Seeing something different.  I just really want to experience something totally different.”

We just got back from four days in Marrakesh.*  It definitely delivered on being something different.  Big time.

(*Just to make it easier, I’m going to stick with the Marrakesh spelling instead of Marrakech in these posts.)

5.25_marrakesh 5

Lots of firsts this trip.  This was my first time in Africa.  My first time in a predominantly Muslim country.  My first time flying Ryan Air.  My first time flying out of Ciampino.

5.25_marrakesh 2

It was inspirational.  I’ve come away with oodles of ideas for design.  Tons of things I want to try in the kitchen.

5.25_marrakesh 6

It was cheap.  We could eat like kings for less than 15 euro a meal.

(Morocco uses the dirham.  I’m giving rough conversions just to give a better idea although dirham conversion is super easy.  It is about 10 to 1.)

5.25_marrakesh 4

It was HOT.  Temps were over 100 all of our days there.  That sun is brutal.

5.25_marrakesh 7

I’m looking forward to sharing more of our trip in the weeks ahead.  Bottom line:  there were frustrations, but we had a great trip.  I might not recommend going mid-summer, but I definitely recommend.

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