Looking back at 2016


2016 was a big year.  A pretty good year, I’d say overall.

We had some aggressive travel goals, and I’m pleased with how it turned out.  We did big trips to Sicily, Marrakesh, Lake Garda, and the BalkansWe tagged along with James to Malta, and we did a bonus trip to Vienna.  We did plenty of weekends and day trips as well to places like Abruzzo, Viterbo, and Naples.

This one showed me the importance of having a clear vision.  We thought about what we wanted to do, and then were actually able to make it happen.  I know that won’t always be the case, but it definitely won’t happen if we don’t have a plan.  Trying to keep this in mind as we plan the last of our European travel next year.

I did some cool fitness stuff.  I ran a half marathon and finished my first ever Spartan Super.  I can now do one pull up.  Working on doing multiple.


I launched my most low carb eating year to date and did two (almost) whole30s.  Cooking isn’t easy, but things are getting easier.

This seems small, but I figured out podcasts.  Stitcher was the answer, and now I have my regular shows.  This has made cooking and chores 1000% better.

I wrote the first draft of an e-book.  This has been sitting aside for a few months, but I need to pull it out again.

Over 10,000 page views on the blog this year.  I know I’ve tapered a bit on posting, but I’m still kicking.

Top Roman Reboot Posts of 2016:

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(The top viewed posts are still What to Wear to Rome this summer and 3 Gardens Outside That Will Make You Feel Like a Royal; they just weren’t published this year.)

I read more than 50 new books this year.  More on some of those in this year’s Reading Roundup.

Plenty of fun with the boys as well.  We finally cut Mac’s hairWe said ciao to our Italian preschool, and hello to swimming lessons for Henry.  The boys and I have been doing more aggressive outings on our own.  We’ve had some rough stuff like Henry’s new 6:00 AM wakeup, but we’re hanging in.  We’ve gone full commitment on superheroes, and we’ve welcomed “tiny Legos” (AKA regular sized) into the house.

Overall–and I don’t think this is just because I’m feeling nostalgic–I’ve felt pretty good about stuff.  There have been some rough moments, but I’m feeling calmer.  Happy.  I do need to work a little harder on carving out time for my own projects, but I’m respecting the season.  This is a season with young kids.  But they are needing me less and less every day.  I’m working on embracing the season.

How was your 2016?  Good year?

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