I only wear one shirt AGAIN, this time for detox

I’ve written many times previously about my love of dressing simply.

Here’s where I talk all about only wearing one shirt.

(I don’t do this anymore, but it was very helpful for awhile with young kids.)

So awhile back, I was feeling overwhelmed.  It was right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday and small business day and charitable giving day and whatever else that I’m forgetting.

I tried not to get sucked into the sales.  I really did.  But it was hard with every single website I follow publishing round ups of AMAZING deals and FANTASTIC bargains.  Particularly when you could save on stuff you would be buying anyway . . .

I made it out with minimal damage, but I still felt overloaded on stuff.  Wanting stuff.  Clicking about stuff.  All the stuff.

So what did I do?  My own version of a detox.  I wore the same shirt.  For several days.

Wanna see?

(In case you are interested, this is the tank.)

What did I learn from this?

1 – Mirror selfies are very difficult.  I’d like to think I’m getting better.  No.  No, I am not.

2 – Did anyone notice?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Or, as before, they were too nice to bring it up.  But, for real, no one noticed.  Not even James.  But he’s used to my just wearing gray all the time anyways.

3 – Did it help?  I think so.  It made me appreciate that I really do have SO MUCH in my closest.  I don’t actually need more.  It made me pull out accessories and shoes I hadn’t in awhile.  It made me attempt to be more creative.  It made me spend more time on my hair.  Basically, it quelled the MORE MORE MORE I had been feeling.

But Melissa, how does this apply to me?  I don’t want to wear one shirt.

I hear you.  I really do.

But I think it’s a good reminder that we can all detox whenever we need it.

Maybe you skip dessert for a week.  Maybe you skip facebook/netflix/instagram for a few days.  Maybe you eat only the same thing for lunch for a week.

Whatever your version of mindfulness would be.

I’m just saying that it’s OK to take a break.  To say no thank you, even if it is temporary.  To take some time for yourself in whatever way you need it.  Even a few days can make a big difference.

Have you tried a temporary detox?  Did it work for you?

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