You like what you like

I got off to a rocky start with Legos.

Awhile back now, Henry FINALLY traded in his pacifier for a cool new Lego set.  One with oodles of pieces that was definitely above his suggested age range.

I was NOT excited about putting this thing together.

Trying to work on it together felt like torture.  He didn’t have the attention span.  His mind kept wandering.  He couldn’t find the next piece.  He couldn’t follow the directions.  I didn’t want to just build it for him, but building together was not the bonding experience I envisioned.

Fast forward a few years, Henry is kind of a Master Builder.  (Mac is no slouch either.)  He can follow almost any set of instructions–often better than I can–and his free build creations constantly take my breath away.  It’s really cool.

Meanwhile, I’m still building houses and walls.  Or just making random stacks of blocks.  Or sorting them by color.

I finally realized that I enjoy SORTING the Legos more than building with them.  Like really REALLY enjoy it.

Doesn’t that sound lame?  Who would rather do something that seems like cleaning than playing with a cool toy?

This gal apparently.

So now I don’t fight it.  This is my thing.

To me, a great time is opening up a new set with Henry, sorting all the pieces and then feeding them to him as he goes.  Is there a competition where you build sets for speed?  I think we could make a good team.

You know what else I like to do?

Gather up floating leaves in the pool.

To anyone watching, it probably looks like I’m passive aggressively cleaning the pool.  I’m not.  I just like to gather them up.

I like to write “weird” stories.  And sometimes post them on the internet.  😉

I know some people like to scrub things or clear clutter or paint.  That’s not me, but I hope all those people aren’t fighting it.

It’s OK to like what you like.

It’s more than OK.  I think it’s healthy to realize it, accept it, and move on with your day.

A yoga teacher here told me that, in her opinion, the source of all frustration in life is fighting the circumstances that just are.

That really blew me away.

I’ve applied it to many things since then.

Like when I was frustrated on driving and not feeling safe walking.  Once I started to accept that this is just the way it is and STOPPED FIGHTING IT I became much less frustrated.  I bought a belt bag.  I tried to focus on all the wonderful things here of which there are heaps.  Crazy traffic and purse snatchings are just a thing here.  Once I accepted it and stopped fighting it, my frustration decreased.  A LOT.

Feeling like I’m lame because I like to sort Legos?  NOPE.  I’m not fighting it.  I hope you aren’t either.

What “weird” things do you enjoy doing?  Have you embraced them?


2 thoughts on “You like what you like

  1. Pat Hensley says:

    I know exactly how you feel! I love to untangle yarn for other people. I think it is the “order” that I have to get back to. I hate addressing envelopes but I love writing letters. I’ve started writing to my parents twice a week since my father (age 98) can’t hear me well on the phone. To get ahead of my problem, I address several envelopes at one time so I don’t have to do this for awhile! LOL

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