Our lockdown routine

Do you guys have a set quarantine routine?  For us, each day is a little different, and our schedule is always evolving, but we’ve started to fall into a normal routine.  It mostly, kinda sorta looks like this.

6:00 something

I wake up (either because of Arthur or just myself) and head to the balcony with a cup of coffee.  I’ve been doing this for several months now.  I call it my “sitting on the balcony time” but I’ve realized (duh) it’s actually my meditation practice.  I don’t close my eyes or actively try to clear my mind.  I just sit and watch the clouds and birds and let my thoughts flow in and out.  The nice thing about doing this every day in the same spot is that I can actually feel my breath slow down and relax when I settle into my seat.  I’ve tied this time to a certain state of mind so that it comes pretty easily now.

At this point, James is asleep, but the two older boys are almost always up.  They are usually playing “quietly” in their room.

7:00 something

This is new-ish, but I’ve added balcony yoga for the past five  days.  I’m not trying to do anything impressive or try for a certain amount of time.  But I’ve found that once I get started, I usually do more than I thought.  It feels good to move.

Then it’s writing time.  Either working on a blog post or sending a long email to a friend.  I might do some longer WhatsApp messages on the computer, but I’m not messing with my phone at this point.

8:00 something

Now the older boys are looking for food, and James and Arthur are probably up.  We’ve gotten better about having a family chore system (more on this later maybe).  So while I’m putting together breakfast, the boys are unloading the dishwasher, stripping beds, or gathering towels.  Hopefully with minimal whining.  It’s a work in progress.

Then, at least James and I do the NYT seven minute scientific workout.  Sometimes the boys play along, but usually not.  Arthur gets in the way and bobs his little booty for squats in the most adorable way ever.  We were doing the workout after breakfast, but it seemed to take forever and drag on all morning.  It seems to fit better here.  I have moments of hoping to do more exercise, but at least this way we’re definitely getting something done.

Then family breakfast and clean up.  We’ve been writing down a few to dos/goals at breakfast.  Nothing too crazy.  Some fun things, some work things.  Usually only 3-5 things.  We’ve also been doing crosswords together which has been fun.

9:00 – 11:00 ish

James has been taking the lead for morning homeschooling for the boys.  They usually try for an hour of something here.  (We’re mostly focusing on one subject in the morning and one in the afternoon.  You know I’m struggling with what we are supposed to be doing.)

Hopefully, at some point everyone gets dressed and adults get showers.

Arthur and I are usually doing some house stuff and playing.  He takes his reorganization of the kitchen cabinets VERY seriously.

11:00 – noon

Free choice for the boys.  Unless they have some sort of school video conference set up.  (We’ve been participating in some of these, but not a ton.)

We get an update from the Embassy at this time which has been helpful and also a nice anchor point to the day.

12:00 – 13 something

Family lunch–almost always leftovers–and clean up.

13 – 15:00 ish

Arthur naps.  Rest time for the adults.  Sometimes the boys just play.  Sometimes they watch two TV shows (usually Pokemon these days).  Sometimes they have “flat on bunk” time.

15:00 – 17:00 something

This is the time that seems to change daily.  Yesterday, we played a board game at afternoon snack.  I’d love to do more of this.  It definitely seemed to work better than trying to squeeze in something after dinner.  Some days we’ve watched a Brickmasters together, although I think we’ll have to stop trying to have snacks by the TV because Arthur and ants.

Two days ago, I had reading and language arts time with the older boys.  Hoping to have this be a regular afternoon thing as well.

Usually around 5:30, I slip off to make dinner and listen to podcasts.  Everyone else is usually engaged in some sort dance party/wrestling/inflatable soccer ball kicking situation.

18 – 20

Family dinner, clean up, and getting everyone to bed.  This description is getting short shrift, but family dinner is one of my most favorite parts of the day.  Getting everyone to bed and cleaning the kitchen is . . . not.

20 – 22 ish

Adults finish up the kitchen.  Or at least try.  (It’s never done these days.)  Prepare the snacks and teas and retire to the TV room for a few shows.  Probably have some adult chat in there somewhere.

22 – 2230

This part isn’t ideal, but after our fun TV relaxing time, we turn to our phones.  Ostensibly just to check on messages and close everything down for the night, but it always turns into more and we end up just sort of sitting there unable to move.  It’s dumb.

Then it’s getting ready for bed and reading.

So that’s it.  Yesterday, James went on an essentials run so things looked different in the afternoon, but this is the gist.  Looking at the schedule now, I feel like we should be able to accomplish more, but I’m resisting that thought as well.  Just existing feels hard right now much of the time.  This schedule captures what we are doing, but not how we are feeling.

How about you?  Do you have a schedule?  Is it official or just a rhythm to your day?  

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