That’s not my bag, baby!

And we’re baaaack.  From Puglia that is.  It was a great trip.  Instead of telling you all about it (a few sneak pics on Instagram), I’d like to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming (HA) to introduce my friend Kristiina (not a typo) of a little of a lot.

I met Kristiina way back when I worked at a law firm before law school.  Her family of four is having its own little adventure right now; they just moved from Virginia to Denver.  Kristiina has mad photography skillz, knows her way around ALL the beauty products, and she was eating paleo before it was cool.  She also singlehandedly demystified photo editing for me, for which I will be eternally grateful.

Today Kristiina is interviewing me about, gulp, what is in my purse.  Click on over to see

  • how many things have molded in my purse,
  • how many USB drives I found upon an actual cleaning, and
  • which purse I am looking to defile next.

Thanks for checking it out!

Your turn!  What can’t you live without in your bag?  And am I the only person who forgets to clean her bag, like uh, ever?

ICYMI: Daylight Savings Edition

Count those wheels

Count those wheels

That’s right.  Most of you sprung ahead a few weeks ago, but we are finally doing it this weekend.  I’m pretty psyched about the extra daylight.  We will playground for-evah!

On the blog:

My top picks for Munich with kids when it is cold outside.

I updated my About page.  If you have more questions I should add, let me know!

I time tracked another day around here so I can answer the “what do you do all day” question.

Henry has been going to Italian day care for about two months.  I finally got around to sharing more about it.

I’m still trying to figure out a posting frequency round these parts.  Part of it is that I’m trying to carve out time for travel planning.  Another part is that we are going on adventures faster than I can write about them.  Our weekend adventures are usually pretty photo-dense, which means mucho editing time.  These are the posts I don’t love to write.  I want to make them more interesting than a hey-look-at-someone-else’s-vacation-photos type of thing.  Working on it.

On the internets:

For all you lawyers, LVK talks about billable hours and time management.  Yes, I have thoughts.  I still need to comment on this one.

Long but interesting:  What Ruth Bader Ginsburg Taught Me About Being a Stay-at-Home Dad.  I like his approach on thinking of seasons of life.  That’s what I’m doing now, a more intensive season with my kids.  I worry about what might be available next.  Not reassuring that a Supreme Court clerk had the same worry!

Loving this jacket.  I’ve been on the hunt for a moto-style knit for awhile.  It is jacket weather now . . .

Coming up:

What are you guys up to this weekend?  We’ve got an Easter egg hunt tomorrow, and we may try to dye some (brown) eggs.  On Sunday, we may hit the flea market in Trastevere.  It should be a chiller weekend before we get ready for an upcoming trip to Puglia AKA the heel of the boot.  I’m pretty excited.  Happy weekend, ya’ll!