That’s not my bag, baby!

And we’re baaaack.  From Puglia that is.  It was a great trip.  Instead of telling you all about it (a few sneak pics on Instagram), I’d like to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming (HA) to introduce my friend Kristiina (not a typo) of a little of a lot.

I met Kristiina way back when I worked at a law firm before law school.  Her family of four is having its own little adventure right now; they just moved from Virginia to Denver.  Kristiina has mad photography skillz, knows her way around ALL the beauty products, and she was eating paleo before it was cool.  She also singlehandedly demystified photo editing for me, for which I will be eternally grateful.

Today Kristiina is interviewing me about, gulp, what is in my purse.  Click on over to see

  • how many things have molded in my purse,
  • how many USB drives I found upon an actual cleaning, and
  • which purse I am looking to defile next.

Thanks for checking it out!

Your turn!  What can’t you live without in your bag?  And am I the only person who forgets to clean her bag, like uh, ever?

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