Gift Guide for Preschoolers

So this is a bit late.  Black Friday has passed.  Cyber Monday too.  Also, everyone I know that would buy gifts for my kids I think has already done so.


I think these are solid ideas, and I’ll be referring to this list for the next few years if anyone has questions.  So here we go.

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7800 pages of Clancy . . . in one summer?


I like making resolutions . I’m pretty bad about looking back at them though.

Maybe it is guilt.  Knowing I’m not doing something I wanted to be.  Although I’m DEFINITELY not going to be doing it if I can’t remember what it was.  It makes no sense.  It doesn’t hurt to reread things every now and then.

So I made myself look back at my 2016 Goals.  With some deep breathing.

It actually wasn’t that scary.  I’m doing better than I thought.

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Can you picture your life in 10 years?

6.17_10 Years

I got married when I was 22.  I distinctly remember sitting there and thinking, “wow, when I’m 32, I’ll have already been married 10 years.”  I just couldn’t picture it though.  32 seemed awfully young, but still light years away from 22.

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Can I be really really real with you for just a minute?

I’ve been thinking a lot of thoughts lately and feeling a lot of feels.

On life.  On the future.  On goals.  On happiness.  On what I want to do when I grow up.

Basically what follows here is a swirling brain dump of stream of consciousness gibberish.  I wouldn’t blame you for skipping.  But if your mind is also caught in the vortex lately, by all means, stick around!

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