My Travel Capsule Wardrobe

So remember how I explained about how I’m not a fashion blogger?  I’m not.  Not in the cards.  For so many reasons.

But I do like a good remix.  And I realized I have lots of capsule wardrobes that are created just because . . . you know, travel.  By necessity, you can only have a limited number of things when you are on the road.

So, with my star photographer’s (Henry’s) help, I made sure to capture all of my outfits on our recent Barcelona trip.

It isn’t an official Unfancy 10×10 because I had a few extra pieces.  Also, I don’t have 10 days of outfits.  No matter.  I’m not a fashion blogger anyway, right?  🙂

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My “Tips” on Traveling with Kids

Someone recently asked me for my thoughts on traveling with kids.  Any tips, tricks, ideas, etc.

My first thought was to demur.  I don’t really have any special insight.  You just sort of do it, right?

But then I realized I do have thoughts.  Or at least things that have worked for us.  So here are my travel things that have worked for us.  Some are Italy specific.  Some work for anywhere.

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