My Travel Capsule Wardrobe

So remember how I explained about how I’m not a fashion blogger?  I’m not.  Not in the cards.  For so many reasons.

But I do like a good remix.  And I realized I have lots of capsule wardrobes that are created just because . . . you know, travel.  By necessity, you can only have a limited number of things when you are on the road.

So, with my star photographer’s (Henry’s) help, I made sure to capture all of my outfits on our recent Barcelona trip.

It isn’t an official Unfancy 10×10 because I had a few extra pieces.  Also, I don’t have 10 days of outfits.  No matter.  I’m not a fashion blogger anyway, right?  🙂

Even though this is a travel capsule, this isn’t very far from what I wear in real life.  #graytopsFOREVER

Although I must say that this was different than what I hoped to pack.  I wanted to be strolling around Barcelona wearing sundresses and sandals.  Alas, it was not to be.  Some of the days were sunny with temps near 70.  But others were cooler or straight up rain.  Life happens.

Let’s see what I brought.

5 Tops

1 – Denim, long sleeve button up  (Gap)

2 – Gray, drapey top (Banana)

3 – Gray “Haters Gonna Hate” Tee

4 – Gray Muscle Tank (Madewell)

5 – Black Tee (Old Navy)

3 Bottoms

1 – Black, drapey pants (Old Navy)

2 – Camo pants (Gap)

3 – Stretchy skinnies with distressing by me (Gap)

3 Layers

1 – Black, oversize cashmere sweater

2 – Leather jacket (Revolve)

3 – Rain jacket (Columbia)

2 Shoes (not pictured)

1 – Geox sneakers  (similar)

2- Gizeh Birkenstocks


1 Scarf

1 Watch

3 pairs of earrings (and I bought a few more on the trip)

And that’s it.  I didn’t provide links for stuff because most of it is ancient, and I didn’t provide links for similar because not a fashion blog.  I was surprised seeing how much Gap/Old Navy stuff I have.  I think that is because of the online shopping I’ve done over the recent years.  Instead of taking risks, I’ve been just sticking to familiar brands.  Something for me to work on.

Check back to see the outfits I put together from these pieces.  (And my ridiculous fashion poses.  And Henry’s ridiculous pictures.  Let’s just say he likes to shoot on the diagonal.)

At the end, I’ll share some thoughts on what worked and what I could have done better.

Till then, happy remiximing!

What are your go to travel pieces?  Do you find you have a set wardrobe for your trips?

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