The blog posts that weren’t

We are just over two months to go here.  TWO MONTHS!  AHHHHHHH.

You’ve probably noticed that this blog isn’t updated much these days.  Some of that is because we are on the road trying to cram in all the trips.

Some of that is because of our Year of Togetherness.  I’ve discovered that it is easier just to be out of the house as much as possible.  I enjoy my time with the kids more.  We interact more instead of my worrying about laundry or looking something up or whatever.  I also I hate trying to get a few things done and having the kids beg me to do stuff and tell them no all the time.  We could have just read together for an hour.  I still hate feeling like I’m always saying no.  Also, they might play beautifully by themselves for an hour, but it’s never reliable.  But if we spend tons of time outside of the house, they are generally thrilled to play with all their toys without me when we are back home.

I’m going to try use my last, limited blogging energy to put together some Best Of and Top Fave lists.  I know I can do this later, but I have a feeling that if I don’t get them together while we are still in Rome, I’m going to lose interest.

Because of all this, this means there are likely many posts that will never be.  Maybe someday.  But probably not.  Here’s a roundup of some of the posts that weren’t.

Gelato Crawl.  Describing a gelato crawl we did around downtown during summer.  Ours was a massive event involving 20 people and many strollers, but I think this can be a good motivational tactic to get your kid to do more sightseeing.  You see this thing, and then you get gelato!  My family of four split a cup everywhere we went so it wasn’t an obscene amount of gelato and not too expensive.  We hit San Crispino, Giolitti, Ciampini, Antico Caffe Vitti, Grom, and Teatro Gelato.  Honorable mentions to Fattamorgana, Gracchi, and La Romana.  And we didn’t hit Come il Latte that trip because we already know it’s the best.

Ombre hair, don’t careThis one would be about having more fun with my hair now that I’m out of an office environment.  I did an ombre hair thing while we were here (lighter on the bottom).  It might not have been my best look, but it was fun, and I really liked it once I chopped my hair some.  This post was then going to be Gray Hair, Don’t Care because I should update you guys on the gray out.  (It continues.  I have mixed feelings.)  And then possibly Pink Hair, Don’t Care if I ever get around to dying my hair pink.  (Update:  I did!)

Are things different?  Grocery Store Edition.  Talking about all the fun differences at the grocery store here.  Like you need a deposit for your shopping cart.  They have octopus in the freezer section.  You have to weigh your own produce.  And then you bag your own groceries at the end.

North vs. South.  Talking about the trips to Naples and Milan that we took within a month of each other.  I liked Naples a surprising amount.  It was crowded, but I thought people were shockingly polite.  Milan felt uber-crowded.  Like an NYC.  A nice city, but a bit impersonal.  Milan suffered though some from dealing with Epiphany crowds and cold, and Naples got a bump because it was a fun place to be before Christmas.

Our Recommendations for the BalkansI did cover what we did, but I was hoping to share more on what we really enjoyed and what we wouldn’t go out of our way for.  We had fun in Montenegro, but I think your itinerary could do without.  Also, Plitvice Park was awesome and I’m glad we went, but I wouldn’t make a trip just to Croatia for it.  Mostar was amazing and everyone should go.  And all of Slovenia is fantastic, and I want to move to Ljubljana tomorrow.

Moroccan Design Style.  This would be just a bunch of pictures from our trip to Marrakesh and brainstorming ways to get some of that style into your own home.  Think dishes and stencils.

What to do in Malta.  I’m still hoping to write this one.  We’ve been to Malta four times (I’m actually in Malta right now).  Malta is the best place I’ve been that I never planned on going.  You should totally check it out.

So You Need to Buy a Children’s Bible.  Thanks to amazing family and friends, my kids have been blessed by some lovely children’s bibles.  Let’s just say some are better than others.  I have opinions.

Why I Can Never Be a Fashion Blogger.  Yes, BESIDES not being fashionable.  This would talk about my minimalist tendencies and how my photographer is 4 and a half (although he is getting better) and other things that make me less ideal for this.  I don’t hate anyone’s ability to make their own job, but I miss when fashion blogs did more remixing instead of just  constantly showing new stuff.  This is one of the reasons I like Unfancy so much.  For this one, I did take photos of my attempting to style an oversized black sweatshirt in different ways.  Maybe it’ll make it on someday.  I’ve got the images.

Rome is for Runners:  3 Parks for Sightseeing While You Sweat.  Mostly self explanatory.  I think my parks were Villa Borghese, Villa Ada, and Parco degli Acquedotti.  But I’m not really running much these days.  I was going to do a whole post about my Spartan Race too.

And I’m sure there are many others.  Will they see the light of day?  Who knows.

2 thoughts on “The blog posts that weren’t

  1. Martha Whittingham says:

    Melissa, you will never, ever regret the time spent with your boys. You can post all your best memories when you are 60 or 70 years old!

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