ICYMI: Almost Easter Edition

4.3_mac easter

On the blog:

Want to see a parade float of Pope Francis casting out a demon?  (I think that is what is happening anyway.)

Wisdom.  I haz it?

Sniff.  Henry is growing up.  Can I even still call him a toddler?

I have started dabbling on Instagram.  Not sure how active I’ll be on this one (social media makes my head hurt), but would love for you to follow along.

On the internets:

This may not last long, but you can play Pac Man on the streets of certain cities.  Rome is an option!

Oh, I plan to help the kids out on this.

Maybe the chores could also help out on this problem?

For Holy Week, here’s how you can match your Myers-Briggs personality type to a patron saint.

April Fool’s done right:

Coming up:

We are heading down ole Puglia way and will have plenty more adventures to share soon.  Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

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