My kids have turned me into a crazy person

When I was a kid, my mom says she would stand in the produce section of the grocery store, patiently picking the fruit with the stickers on it.  Why?  Because apparently little diva me would only eat ones with stickers.

When my youngest sister was a kid, she went through a phase where she would only eat “chicken.”  That meant we ate A LOT of chicken at our house.  Green chicken.  Chicken that tasted suspiciously like beef.  No one could contradict her.

She also would screech, “she’s looking at me!!” if someone was not in her good graces.  I was indignant that instead of redirecting her behavior, we were told to stop looking at her.  We didn’t do anything wrong!  Why should we have to be the ones to change?

Even though it was unjust, my mom said it was easier to try to get us to alter our behavior than the two year old tyrant’s.  Now, I totally get it.  Oh, I get it.

Henry used to be complacent when I cut his juice with water.  Then one day he rebelled.  NO WATER.  JUST JUICE!!

So now what do I do?  I sneak around my kitchen, surreptitiously mixing water and juice in the juice bottles.  See.  Just juice.  Henry must never be allowed to see the mixing.

This is total crazy pants behavior that I now accept as completely normal.  Because I’ll admit it.   It is easier to change my behavior than his.

OK, spill!  What crazy things do you do to avoid a fight with your kiddos?  Please tell me I’m not the only one!

One thought on “My kids have turned me into a crazy person

  1. Martha W. says:

    Our mode of operation was to mix the frozen concentrate ahead of time with 2 extra cans of water. Once it’s in the pitcher no one knew the difference. As he grows you can try the “too much juice means too much acid and it will eat away at your tooth enamel…” I can’t guarantee that will help! If you use bottled or canned juice, simply use a “serving pitcher” which you always have pre-mixed. I guess we didn’t have juice boxes and Capri Sun was a new thing too, so we always carried sealed Tupperware cups already diluted. And sometimes, even if modern thought doesn’t agree, telling them that “mommy knows best” or “because I said so…” is good enough. If he decides he won’t drink it…that’s OK. When he’s really thirsty, he WILL.

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