Gift Guide for HER

11.12_xmas collage

Peeps, listen up, I know it feels early.  Maybe you haven’t even had your first seasonal latte of the season yet.  (Guilty)  Maybe you still haven’t pulled the trigger on OTK boots because it barely feels like fall.  (Yup)  But Christmas is right around the corner.  Seriously.  This is happening.

(That whole first paragraph was mostly a pep talk for myself.  YES, family, I’m working on the calendar.  Or at least trying to.  There will be a twist.  Hehehehe.)

But in case you also needed a pep talk, you’re welcome.  Without further adieu, let me present my Christmas list.  That’s right.  I’m calling it a gift guide “for her” in case anything here is inspirational, but this is really just my list.

Also, I should caveat that I don’t actually need anything.  I don’t expect presents.  I’m just excited to celebrate with family this year (which will make flying home with presents interesting anyway).  But in case you were looking for a gift idea *cough* James *cough,* I’ve got you covered.

Also also, I should apologize in advance because I don’t really like Christmas lists.  Where is the challenge?  If someone gives me a list, I’m actually less likely to get something off the list because how will I show I put thought and care into present selection??  Yes, my hubris is such that I think I know what you want even BETTER than you do.  This tends to result in present stress or possibly you not getting anything.  I apologize in advance.  FOR NOTHING.

(Yikes, didn’t I say “without further adieu” like five paragraphs up?  That is a A LOT of adieu.  Adieu.  To you.  And you.  And you.)

Balega Running Socks

A few years ago, a friend turned me on to Balega running socks and I’ve never looked back.  (This is a far cry from my high school cross country running experience where I don’t even think I knew special, dedicated “running socks” existed.  Maybe they didn’t?  But that makes me sound old.  They probably did, and I just wasn’t very observant.  Better to be ditzy than old?  I guess?  Never mind.)

I love these bad boys so much that I now use them for all of my short sock needs.  (For winter socks, I’m on Team Smartwool, but I think I’m good on those for now.)

True sign of adulthood:  actually requesting socks for Christmas.  Yup.


I’ve resisted this one.  I’m not big on things taking up space in the kitchen.  But after countless attempts at doing zucchini noodles on the mandoline slicer, I’m ready to commit.  Team Spiralizer.  Even if I only use this thing for zucchini noodles, I think it will be worth it.  (I guess I could see about the inspiralizer + cookbook if worried about a rut.)


Lately I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I can’t seem to do serious advance planning.  Well, small wonder, since I only really plan one week at a time.  I’d like to change that.

But this really shouldn’t be on the list probably because I can’t decide which planner I want.  I’ve been looking at the Hobonichi Techo, the Planner Pad, the Passion Planner, and the Uncalendar.

I really like the layout of the Uncalendar, but I wish it had dates already filled in.  Right now I’m in a bit of a chicken and egg situation.  I don’t want to pick the wrong planner, but I won’t know what I really want until I start using one.  In the meantime, I’ve been dabbling with bullet journaling.

Lovable Livable Home

I miss John and Sherry.  You too?  I’m excited to catch up with these two in their second book, Lovable Livable Home.  Even though I usually do everything on kindle these days, hard cover is a must for all these gorgeous home photos that will be scrumptious inspiration I am only 5% likely to ever act on.

Interesting Studs

I’m talking earrings, people!  Stud EARRINGS.  Yeesh, what do you people take me for?  (I like my studs to be funny and smart.  Also, is “stud” the preferred nomenclature?  Maybe they prefer eye candy?  I have no idea, but they are not on my Christmas list thereby negating the need to research this further.)

Lately, I’ve been trying to make more of an effort.  Jewelry is an easy way to show I cared.  After months of forgetting to even put on my wedding ring, I’ve now been trying to put on my rings, earrings, and watch each day.  Some days get a necklace, but let’s not get crazy here.

I’ve noticed that I’m reaching for the same studs over and over.  Dangly is less my personal style which is good because it is definitely less my lifestyle at the moment.  No need to impersonate a street fighter after my “baby” rips one from my ear.

I don’t want to link to anything here because I really don’t want to request anything specific.  These are the ones I’ve been wearing over and over.  I’m just saying that if you see any cool-looking small-ish earrings at some point, they would get some serious wardrobe play around these parts.

On repeat

On repeat


I’m not a bracelet person.  I AM a watch person.  I actually wear a watch 24-7 (OK, I technically take it off for a few minutes to shower) because I use my nighttime Timex as an alarm clock and easy way to see what time it is when someone is screaming in the middle of the night.  Yay indiglo!  I started doing this after the kids were born because I would also use it to time feedings.  Fun story, in the early Henry days, my trusty watch broke at like 2:00 am and I totally lost my shizz and said I couldn’t cope without it.  Such was my distress that James hopped on the internets and ordered a next day shipping replacement.  And then in the morning I lost my shizz AGAIN because my sleep-deprived little brain couldn’t understand why the watch wasn’t there yet.  Isn’t it the next day?  I went to sleep (for a few hours at least).  Doesn’t that count as the NEXT DAY???  Heh, aren’t newborns fun!

These days, even though the Timex is also EXCELLENT for timing time outs, I’m trying to take off the Timex in the morning to open up the watch case and put on a prettier watch.  That’s right.  My watch problem is so acute that I finally got a nice watch box.

My watch caddy has big watches and little watches.  Colorful ones and metal ones.  I used to be into the smaller, but these days the clunkier the better.  If I could defend myself in a bar fight using the watch, it is probably the right size.

IMHO, Michael Kors’s watch game is fierce and he can do no wrong.  But I really love all watches.  High on my list right now are a white watch, something mann-ish with a leather or canvas strap, or maybe neon.  Whatever it is, it must have numbers or at least line marks at the times because I am a dumb.  So yeah.  I definitely do not need a watch.  But I always like them.  🙂

And here’s a fun obvious tip that didn’t occur to me until I had to get like 7 watch batteries replaced and the watch dude enlightened me.  If you cycle through multiple watches, pull the pin at night to save battery.  Yes.  Right.  Duh.

My preciouses

My preciouses

Splurge Toiletries

Do you remember that hot minute around middle school where everybody got obsessed with giving Christmas presents?  It was the worst.  You’d exchange with your besties but then you’d never know who was going to present ambush you.  You’d smile and thank them while mentally going crap crap crap, now I have ANOTHER present to buy.  Or you’d give someone a gift, because that’s what everyone seemed to be doing, and they’d have nothing for you.  Awkward.

I think middle school girls singlehandedly keep Bath & Body Works in business.  My mom claims that I once told her that if you don’t really know somebody, then you get her shower gel or some such.  Toiletries = not a real friend.

Despite middle school Me’s wisdom, nowadays, there IS a certain kind of beauty care product that I definitely want on my list.  These are things that I would love, but would never buy for myself.  Things like the ridiculously expensive Redken shampoo.  Or the promises-you-toddler-face night cream.  Or the fancy Chanel eyeliner I had once and loved but it broke and I’ve never replaced because it is so pricey.

I know some people are not into consumable presents, but for me, the mark of a good present is something that someone will actually use but that they won’t buy for themselves.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some photo calendars to go work on . . .

Have you already jumped in to Christmas shopping mode?  What’s on your list this year?  Do you have a planner that you love?  I thought about adding stuff from my Fall Fashion wishlist, of which I have only purchased a pair of leggings so far, but I may still work on those myself.  Maybe.  Possibly.  OTK.

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