Get in Touch with Your Inner Artiste in Calcata {Great Day Trips from Rome}

I have a confession to make.

Sometimes  I wonder if I might be a hippy.

I mean, not really, because I’ve never looked good in long skirts, and I hate the smell of incense.

But I do like small batch.  Locally-sourced.  Heirloom.  Craft brews.  (Well, not lately on the brews, but you know what I mean.)

If these things make me a hippy, I guess I will wear the title with pride.  Just not the long skirt.

3.3_calcata 11

If you find yourself with similar sensibilities, please allow me to recommend a day trip to Calcata.  The New York Times already gives you all your background and logistics here, but just picture an ancient town given a second life by artists.

Sort of like Civita di Bagnoregio without the hike plus lots of hippy flair.  All just an hour away from Rome.

3.3_calcata 1

You can get tea in a tea room.  Browse art in a gallery that looks like a cave.  Make friends with animals.  All the essentials, really.

3.3_calcata 43.3_calcata 2 3.3_calcata 3 3.3_calcata 5

We may head back one evening this summer.  They seem to have lots of outdoor festivals and other fun things.  (Event calendar here.)  I’ll be the one in the crowd strategically standing away from the incense.

P.S.  Looking for more day trip ideas?  Check out these.

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