Goals for this Whole30

So I’m on Whole30 Day number three.  I’ve decided to consciously uncouple from caffeine (again), and I’ve FINALLY stopped with the splitting afternoon headaches.  Huzzah!

Other than that, things don’t feel so different than usual other than possibly spending even more time on food prep because James is whole30-ing as well, and I’m trying to send him out the door with lunch and breakfast.

This is my first whole30 where I really am more focused on nonscale victories (NSVs).

I am hoping to:

  • Start getting some muy excellent sleep.
  • Wake up with energy in the morning to tackle my morning routine.
  • Grow longer, stronger hair to see if I can get it any longer (heh, I know).
  • Grow stronger nails to keep from biting them (again).

My process goals:

  • I just bought an electric water cooker.  I’d like to build hot tea into my daily routine.
  • I want to really rock out my soup game.
  • I’d like to learn how to make good omelettes.  I’m not going to shy away from fruits, but I am going to try to avoid sweet stuff in the morning.  Would love to step up my breakfast game.  I would eat more leftovers for breakfast, but I like having them at lunch.

My bonus goals:

  • Unsure on this.  I don’t have a daily goal like meditation ready to plug in.
  • I do want to really rebuild my morning and evening routines.  In the evening, I want us to have the kitchen cleaned up for the night while the kids are still awake.  I’d also like for us to alternate bedtime more.  No need for both of us to get pulled in every night.
  • In the evening, I’m thinking maybe 30 minutes of computer time/writing with my tea, then brush my teeth and get ready for bed, connect with James, go to bed and read.
  • In the morning, I like some combo of exercise, writing, meditation.
  • I’m still not sure where admin things like ordering internet stuff, email, social life and travel planning and all that other stuff fit in.  I really like the idea of stripping to the core stuff, but all that other stuff has to get done sometime.

I’ll admit I headed into this whole30 kind of cocky.  I mean, I eat like this most of the time, right?  And we didn’t go totally off the rails on our vacation.  How hard can it be?  (LOLZ)

The no caffeine thing really knocked me on my rump.  I’m a little nervous about this weekend.  I think everything will be fine; it will just involve a level of planning and foresight above and beyond the norm.

Besides James (love you, honey!), I’m super psyched to have a whole30 buddy back home.  We’ve been sending each other meal pics.  The support is great, and having an excuse to be in touch with a friend more is even better.

I am bummed though that this is affecting my travel plans.  I’m trying to get something on the books, but do I really want to go to Barcelona and not eat paella and sangria?  Do I want to go to Naples and not eat pizza?

I don’t know.  We’ll figure it out.  One meal at a time.

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