January Goal Check In


You know what’s SUPER weird?  Groundhog Day.  Try explaining that to a two and four year old.  Seriously.  You sound like a crazy person.

First, what is a groundhog?  Uh, it’s like a beaver without the tail.  They live in the ground.  I don’t know why we call them hogs.

Yeah, yeah, we grab this groundhog out of the ground and he predicts the weather.  That’s legit.   But Batman is fake.  Go figure.

Happy Belated Groundhog Day everyone.

A little bit late, but I’m trying to do a check in on my 2017 goals.  Accountability!


If you missed the 2017 goals, full list here.

1.  Use it Up and Let it Go

Hmm.  So so on this one.  I’m definitely using lots of skin products.  I’m trying to do a deep dive on the pantry.  Some progress, but the move doesn’t feel quite imminent enough yet to really rush.

I have been clearing out some clutter.  It’s slow going.  It’s hard to do with the kids around, and it’s the last thing I want to do at the end of the day.  If I do get into an organizing mood, I end up with piles on my bed to be sorted that just get swept into a giant pile at the end of the day.  Some progress, but not the best system.

2.  More Music

We did end up buying the Moana soundtrack.  I don’t love the slicked up radio edits of the songs, but I’m still loving the music from the movie.  The “Maui song” has become a breakfast staple.

Small progress otherwise.  James has pointed out that I have an Amazon Music app on my phone.  Need to download some stuff and make some playlists.

3.  Do Art

I’ve had good intentions here.

Behold my attempt at homemade plaster of paris so that we could make our own frescoes.  We saw The Last Supper in Milan.  How cool to incorporate culture and history and all that into our art, right??


But we never got around to painting them.  They were sticky for so long and then we left town.  Oops.

We did enjoy some place mat art at a restaurant.  Little, but every bit, right?


We also did a little bit of watercolor.  These premade sheets are a very cool idea, but it was tough for the kids.  They kept getting too much water or not seeing the colors or something.  But it occupied them for about 10 minutes and we tried.


4.  Step Up My Hair Game

No braids.  Nothing new.  Need to focus on this one.

5.  Travel

This is me being ludicrous.  I’m all, I feel like we haven’t traveled in awhile, but we went to both Malta and Milan in January.  Plus our evening trip to Civita di Bagnoregio.

Not much Spain/Portugal travel planning has happened.  I need to get on that.  Also need to read up on Venice for the end of the month.

6.  Enjoy Rome

Hmm.  I did meet some friends in Trastevere.  We checked out a new playground and a new restaurant.

I need to brush up on my Fun List so I’ll always have ideas on things to do.

7.  Learn About Learning

I have LOTS of tabs open to show that I’m trying on this one.  I think I understand the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist.  I’m looking into online programs.  There are A LOT out there.  All with various versions of legitimacy and helpfulness.  I have a lead on something promising from a friend.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading Wheat Belly, The Case Against Sugar, and The Complete Guide to Fasting.  I just can’t stop.

8.  Do a Project

I’ll try to talk more on this later, but I think the only project I currently have is doubling down on our Year of Togetherness for the last of our months in Rome.  I’m happier with the kids when we are out on big adventures instead of being around the house and feeling like I can’t get anything done.  Unfortunately, though, that means my computer/writing time has really suffered for now, but I’m sure that will come around again.

9.  Be Mindful of Food

I’m proud of myself on this one.  After being in a major food funk, I managed to pull myself out around mid-January.  Things aren’t perfect, but returning to my tea game after dinner and thinking about food choices has gotten easier.

10.  Weekly and Monthly Reviews

This is not going so well.  I’ve put reminders on the calendar, but they’ve been largely ignored.  Not maliciously, but too much life going on.

We have a family calendar, but I’ve been using that to track things we are grateful for and what we did that day.  It’s more retrospective than prospective.

But I am looking back on my 2017 goals.  So that’s something.

How are your resolutions going?  Are you pleased with your 2017 so far?

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