ICYMI: Catch Up Monday


Look, we did art! This totally counts, right?

Hi Guys.  It’s been awhile.  I’ve got some post ideas percolating (like FINALLY doing a Malta post after we’ve gone three times now), but I’m trying to type fast while the boys are entertained in the other room.

It’s been ages since I did this so I figured we could catch up on anything you might have missed.

On the Blog

We did ALL the books.  Here are my reads for memoirs, fiction, fiction series, and nonfiction for 2016.

We did some of the travel.  Here’s our big Balkans roundup.  Want to see an amazing live nativity scene?  (Or talk about how you handle Santa?)  Besides all the other stuff, I now owe you guys travel deets on Malta, Naples, and Milan.  Better get to photo editing.

I waxed nostalgic about 2016.  Then talked about my goals for 2017.

On the home front, I raged about toys and raged about sleep (or lack thereof) for the kiddos.  (So much rage.)  Those guys still are funny though.

On the Internets

I loved Lag Liv’s tips on traveling with kids.  Yup.

I must confess that I make crappy rice.  I don’t make it often, but I’m thinking we may add more rice and potatoes around these parts.  But my rice is a wet, soggy mess no matter how carefully I measure.  I tried it like this last night.  BOOM.  Best rice I’ve ever made.  And I didn’t even have to measure.  My kind of win.  (I don’t measure anything.  Ever.)

I’m trying to stay away from buying new stuff, but was interested to read The Mom Edit’s post on most loved pieces.  I’m all about finding something you love and then wearing that and only that for pretty much forever.

We saw Moana when we were down in Malta.  You guys seen that yet?  My kids were a little scared of the lava monster, but otherwise really liked it.  I’m a huge fan of the soundtrack; I may have to buy that one.

I feel everyone on IG is talking about this Barre3 All In Challenge.  Anyone doing that?  Do you like it?

Happy January Monday everyone!

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