Breaking news on the health coach front

So remember when I said I wanted to be a health coach but the timing wasn’t right and 2018 would be the year of the book?

(Spoiler:  2018 is SO not the year of the book.)

So after I wrote this and put all my feelings in writing and sent it out into the world, I sit with it a little bit.  I did make some slight book headway.  But I kept coming back to the idea of health coaching . . .

It just wouldn’t leave me alone.  Like a dog with a beloved stick.  Like a subway rat with a pizza.  Like a salty sea captain and his beloved whale friend.  (Clearly, I’ve never actually read Moby Dick.)  I just couldn’t let go.

So what did I do?

I quickly stopped making any progress on the book or looking at book proposals.

I took all the ideas spinning around in my head about how to approach nutrition and put them to paper.  This turned into an 18 page packet of materials.  It is sort of like a workbook.  You could do it by yourself, but mostly designed to go over it with someone.  I’m fairly happy with it and I need to make a bunch of copies so I’ll have them when I need them instead of overloading our poor printer which I think is broken now anyway, but I haven’t yet because I keep thinking of things to tweak.  #workinprogress

I sent an awkward message out to the group here to see if anyone might want to have a free, no obligations nutrition chat.  I got a few responses!  I sat down with the first person and went over the packet, and I felt INCREDIBLE.  I had the light bulb feeling.  THIS.  This in some capacity is what I want to do.

I met with a few other people, and I need to schedule more.  It’s been great to get feedback and see what works.

I’m hoping to eventually get my website launched that will actually offer health coaching services.  Meeting with people is making me feel more credible.  I hadn’t wanted to put myself out there because I didn’t have any experience.  Maybe I won’t be seeking out paying clients tomorrow, but hopefully this will give me the confidence to offer this down the road.

I’m looking more into online nutrition coaching programs.  Some of them still seem potentially scammy, but I’m also getting the sense that some people might feel more comfortable talking to someone who is “certified” at something.

And coming from left field, I’m going to be teaching an exercise class soon!  I wasn’t looking for this, but I’m very excited (and nervous).  Some peeps here approached me and said that we need a HIIT (high intensity interval training) class and they thought I should be the one to teach it.  I was flattered and honored, but thought they were crazy.  Within 24 hours, I was all, HECK YES I should teach a HIIT class.  So I’ve been spreading the word.  It will be a weekly class starting in mid April.  Wish me luck!!

You may be asking . . . what does this have to do with nutrition?  That’s fair.  I’m mostly doing this because I think it will be fun, and an interesting way to stretch myself.  But I’m also excited for people to think of me in the fitness/nutrition/health space.  And if they start to think of me that way, that may open the door for other communications down the road.

So I’ve been putting together play lists.  Making notes of good exercises.  Obsessing about how best to time things during the class that won’t be disruptive.  Like I said, I’m nervous and excited, but I’m trying to mostly have fun with it.  Maybe no one will show up.  Maybe it isn’t a good fit.  But it’s fun to just try something and see without overthinking it like I usually do.  This also seems like a good exercise in responding to what the community wants.

So we’ll see!  I’ll keep you guys posted.

Have you ever taught a class?  Any exercise class pet peeves to avoid?  Any favorite exercises or pump-you-up songs?

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