In case you missed it . . .

Corn makes him crazy, ridiculously happy

I think it’s been OVER A YEAR since my last ICYMI.  I’m hoping to get back into these more regularly.  Shall we . . .

On the Blog

I announced I wasn’t going to be a health coach.  And then said I was.  (Or at least a temporary fitness instructor.)  I also talked about fasting and other weird health things I’m into.

The kids are still funnyAnd again.

I’m talking more about my anxiety.  Since this post, I’ve had two cognitive behavioral therapy appointments.  I think it’s going well.  Will share more soon.

On the travel front, this is how we pack.  And the difference between how satisficers and maximizers plan trips.  Also, right on target at six months in, we’re feeling more settled here.

Also talking about my  new schedule which has led to me getting two posts a week onto this blog.  Which is nice.  Also talking about my 18 for 2018 goals and then catching up on how many I’ve accomplished so far.

On the Internets

I’ve been meaning to share this for awhile, but my friend Kristiina is KILLING it on her blog lately.  They’ve recently started unschooling, and she’s sharing it, warts and all.  Her perspective from someone who’d never thought they’d do this is super compelling to me.  And now she’s talking all things keto so you know I’m obsessed.  AND her website is gorgeous to boot.

NOT in keto news, James made these paleo cream cheese carrot cake muffins awhile back.  You know, because I don’t bake.  SWOON.  I think making them with alternative ingredients made them even yummier because the nice nutty texture just went really well with the carrot cake.  And I liked that it didn’t make a huge batch so we didn’t have treats sitting around the house for too long.

Have you guys heard the new Franz Ferdinand album?  I’m a little a lot obsessed.  I like all the songs, but I particularly like listening to this one as a full album experience.

We just finished up season 2 of Jessica Jones.  I liked it and would recommend, but parts felt slower than the first season to me.  IDK.  We did enjoy Tiffany Haddish’s comedy special.  I heart her.   Really need to order her book.  And Brooklyn 99 is finally back after hiatus!

Happy Friday my friends!

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