Yup, that’s about right

So the other day we had a really good weekend.  A nice mix of seeing friends, trying something new, and quality family time.  Then we had another.  And another.

I thought about how much the kids are enjoying school, and how I don’t freak out every single time I’m behind the wheel of the car.

I did the math, and it came together.  It’s been about six months.

So yeah.  That seems about right.

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Decorating options for a rental

So earlier I talked about designing our new lives in KL.  Now I’m talking about design at home.  Specifically, how to decorate our digs for the next three years.

I struggle on this one.  Three years is temporary, but it’s still a decent chunk of time.  But should we be investing time, money, and energy into decorating?  There are so many things I like to spend my resources on.  (Namely travel and food.)  Where does this fall into the picture?  Is having a music-activated disco ball in the guest bathroom a need or a want?

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