Designing your life

Moving can be a pain.  But it is also a time of new beginnings.  Fresh starts.

A good reminder that we get to choose what we want to do in our days.

I’m sitting here like a kid in a candy store trying to decide how we should spend our time.  On the one hand, it is early days.  On the other hand, early habits tend to solidify.  This is a special time to remake before habits become hardened, calcified.

In no particular order . . .

I’m trying to decide how much to clean.  And when to clean.  Even though cleaning help is very reasonable here,  I’ve been putting this off.  (Just like Rome.)  I’d like to give us a chance to sort out systems for ourselves first.  (This means I’m also not delving into babysitters which is bad.  I swore I would be better on that front this time around.  You guys should yell at me for this.)

I’m trying to decide how much to work out.  And when.  Should I work out before breakfast or after?  Should I do a little each day or more focused sessions a few times a week?  I visited a CrossFit gym last week, and I’m hoping to give that a go.  (The intro class meets on the weekends.  I’ll visit that and then should have more info on a plan.)  If I’m CrossFitting, when should I do that each week?  2x?  3x?  More?  And when and if should I take advantage of other things at the gym like yoga?   (The CrossFit gym is inside a hotel gym.  If you pay for CrossFit, you can use all the amenities and classes for the rest of the gym.)

I’m trying to decide when to work on my own projects.  When should I do my writing?  Should I focus on more immediate things like blogging?  When should I work on my book ideas?  What about my nutrition learning?  When will I do admin stuff?  When will I do weekend adventure and travel planning?  When will I go on adventures?  When will I catch up with friends?  When will the calling, texting, and emailing happen?

Even leisure time involves decisions.  With the kids in school, they are usually wiped out and in bed before 1900.  Maybe 1930 at the latest.  This means that James and I have more time together.  Or separate.  What should we do?  When should we catch up?  TV?  Read?  Do administrative stuff?  Dream up our plans?

When should I eat?  When should I shower?  Should I batch tasks or do them as they arise?  What makes each day the most productive and most fun?

Just like my penchant for constant furniture arranging, I seem to believe that if I keep trying, keep tinkering, I’ll find the ideal set up.  If I just keep trying, the ideal schedule will arise.  Surely.

But just like the furniture arranging, it never really works out that way.  It won’t stop me from tweaking though.  🙂

I’m trying to remind myself that I don’t have to have the perfect schedule before I start.  Start doing something.  Then adjust as needed.

I’m trying to remind myself to think bigger.  If I let myself, I could see falling into a comfortable routine of doing a little cleaning, a little writing, a few errands and then grabbing the kids.  Which is fine, but is it the best, most efficient way to do things?

I’m trying to remind myself that natural rhythms and energy levels will emerge and shape the schedule.  I’m already thinking that Monday can be a more heavy do-things-around-the-house day if we have a big weekend.

Right now I’m leaning toward one heavier cleaning day with smaller tasks spread out through the week.  Maybe CrossFit twice a week.  Trying to make myself do one big adventure by myself each week.  The big rocks are easier.

Getting into the nitty gritty of my morning schedule is tougher.  I’d like to have designated times to work out, to write, to brainstorm, to get ready.  I don’t want to feel like I’m running around without a plan.  I also don’t like the feeling of it being 11:00 AM and still in my robe.  But I don’t like to take too much of my morning brainpower gold time to get ready.  And what’s the point in showering if I’ll just end up in the pool with the kids.

I’m figuring it out.  This is a fun puzzle.  (For me.)

It might seem extreme to have such regimented time, but I really like schedules.  Yes, lightly held schedules, but it is good for me to have a plan.  This means I’ve thought about the things to be done and when I want to do them.  I like the feeling of being proactive instead of letting things happen.  Even when it doesn’t always work out.

Do you schedule everything?  What sort of routines do you have?  Does a schedule sound freeing or stifling to you?

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