Yup, that’s about right

So the other day we had a really good weekend.  A nice mix of seeing friends, trying something new, and quality family time.  Then we had another.  And another.

I thought about how much the kids are enjoying school, and how I don’t freak out every single time I’m behind the wheel of the car.

I did the math, and it came together.  It’s been about six months.

So yeah.  That seems about right.

I probably wrote about it and I’m too lazy to look for it now, but we went into this knowing that transitions are difficult.  Knowing that we’d need to give ourselves time.  Knowing that we’d need to time to adjust and find our footings.

I said to give it at least six months.

Which is still hard, even KNOWING that it’s the truth.  I always want to hit the ground running.  I want to meet all the people and do all the things and get everything settled and figure out the stuff RIGHT AWAY.  My brain knows that it takes time, but the rest of me is like a kid in a candy store who wants those Reese’s YESTERDAY.

Now that we’re over the hump, it doesn’t seem so bad.  It flew by!  But it didn’t feel like it at the time.  (This is basically a post for future Melissa.  Just be patient.  Expect it to take time.  You’ll be fine.)

On the list of things that feel settled . . .


Yay school!  This was really difficult at first.  We were getting used to a whole new routine.  Having to get out the door was terrible.  We didn’t know anyone.  They were completely wiped out and cranky at the end of the day.

Fast forward to now, things are going great.  Getting out the door can still be a pain, but the kids look forward to school.  (Most of the time.)  I’ve gotten to know their teachers.  We can actually name most of the kids in their classes, and we’ve met a lot of parents as well.  The kids have both had their first field trip, and they participated in a weekly Lego after school activity.

I’m loving the fact that they now have the stamina to hang out after school for a little bit.  Before, they were whining that they wanted to go home immediately.  Now, they are game to play.  This is seriously great.  We get to spend quality time together OUTSIDE.  (I feel like I’m never outside anymore.)  We have fun, and then we have less time being cranky with each other at home in the afternoon.  Win win win.  Also, getting across the parking lot after most people have gone has done wonders for my sanity.  Like shockingly so.

As we were getting used to school, it made me question if we were doing the right thing.  Seeing how happy they are and how much they are learning has been a huge relief.


I still don’t love it.  But I don’t get physically nervous every time I get behind the wheel now either.

I haven’t hopped in the car yet to go to a completely new location on my own, but I’m slowly expanding the places I feel comfortable with.  My usual pattern is to go somewhere a few times with James or a friend, and then feel comfortable to tackle it on my own.

Shaking it off has been a key driving strategy.  People can drive very crazily here.  They can cut you off.  They can pull around you.  I may get honked at.  But that’s OK.  Shake it off.

I feel like I’m making some strides  on parking and backing up.  But I’ll still surprise myself now and again with a horrifically terrible attempt.  Oh, well.  PROGRESS.


And major shot out to the community here.  Just like in Rome, we’re meeting many many wonderful people.  Between friends at school and work and workout classes and more, we’re really starting to feel at home.

GAH.  But this means we’re already 1/6 of the way through our tour!  More trips to plan!!

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