ICYMI: Allergy Edition

The only thing that comes close to the awesomeness of a three-day weekend is a short week!  (With apologies to the many of you that did not have a three-day weekend.)  I’ve been hitting the Claritin this short week.  I don’t usually have bad seasonal allergies, but there is something in the air here that is potent.  Ah, spring.

On the blog:

Still no Puglia pics here, but I’ve got some up on Facebook.

Henry.  Still up to his old tricks.

Want to feel better about the junk in your purse?  Go ahead, check out the disaster that is my bag.

On the internets:

Another person who wears the same thing every day.  I must admit, I’ve been mixing it up a little myself.  I’ll update on this soon.

Loved this backstory on Rob Riggle.

I saw the surprise coming, but was still pretty blown away.  Ah, architecture.

Do you guys recommend North Face?  My trench choices previously were based more on fashion than function.  This one looks like a tasty compromise.

Coming up:

We are having a rebuilding weekend here after our epic adventure.  Besides generally getting caught up, we need to prep for guests next week!  I’m pumped we actually have family coming for the next three months.  (Not three months straight.  That would be crazy.  One visit/month.)  W00t!

Red lips to the rescue!

Modern Mrs. Darcy has a post up on Simplicity, productivity, and the personal uniform.  Yup, I’ve got that.  I’m a fan.

[Hi to any MMD readers who clicked over from my comment!  Thanks for taking a look around!]

My personal uniform remains, but I’ve been feeling a little frumptastic lately.  This is because I don’t usually add the completer piece unless I’m going out.  The baby would destroy my necklaces.  Why put on a scarf or a jacket if it is just going to get covered in spitup and flung food?

Let’s just say, I feel all of those What Not to Wear contributors who scoffed at Stacy and Clinton for saying they should wear nicer blouses.  Yes, I use burp cloths.  But did you know that kids can aim past the cloth?  Or I might not have one in reach?  There is a reason that my uniform is washer-friendly.

I also need to rethink my makeup regime.  I feel like it is all wiped off by mid-morning.  I’m not loving my hair lately.  I’ve got those bald spots and wisps thanks to the postpartum hair loss.  And all of this rain and humidity does not cute hair make.

Sum it all up to say that I’m not feeling super cute most days.  And this is not the best place to not feel cute.  The women here, they know how to work it.


Enter the red lip!

I’ve been loving Boots Botanics lip gloss.  Mine is cherry, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere for a link.  It doesn’t pass the kiss test, but it adds a punch of color without getting peely, chappy, and flaky later like so many lip products I find.  (I know this is reading like a giant advertisement, but nothing sponsored here; I just like the product.)

I’ve got it right by the door and it is now a part of my going-out-the-door routine.  Shoes, strap on baby, jacket, red lip.  It’s not a salon blowout or a stain-free shirt, but it always helps me feel a little more put together.

12.8_goal 2

Yes, those are mirror smudges from a certain toddler.  And, wow, taking mirror selfies is crazy awkward.  I kind of can’t believe I’m sharing this with all of you.  Please, be gentle.

Do you have a fave lip gloss?  Any special thing you add to feel polished?