ICYMI: Allergy Edition

The only thing that comes close to the awesomeness of a three-day weekend is a short week!  (With apologies to the many of you that did not have a three-day weekend.)  I’ve been hitting the Claritin this short week.  I don’t usually have bad seasonal allergies, but there is something in the air here that is potent.  Ah, spring.

On the blog:

Still no Puglia pics here, but I’ve got some up on Facebook.

Henry.  Still up to his old tricks.

Want to feel better about the junk in your purse?  Go ahead, check out the disaster that is my bag.

On the internets:

Another person who wears the same thing every day.  I must admit, I’ve been mixing it up a little myself.  I’ll update on this soon.

Loved this backstory on Rob Riggle.

I saw the surprise coming, but was still pretty blown away.  Ah, architecture.

Do you guys recommend North Face?  My trench choices previously were based more on fashion than function.  This one looks like a tasty compromise.

Coming up:

We are having a rebuilding weekend here after our epic adventure.  Besides generally getting caught up, we need to prep for guests next week!  I’m pumped we actually have family coming for the next three months.  (Not three months straight.  That would be crazy.  One visit/month.)  W00t!

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