5 Wardrobe Updates for Spring (and Summer)

5.5_5 Spring Wardrobe Update

It’s getting hot in here!  So take off all your clothes.  Seriously.  Romans.  At least take off SOME of your clothes.  Temps are pushing 80.  Today, I was wearing a sleeveless top.  Most of the people I passed were wearing sweaters or coats.  NO JOKE.

Even if Romans aren’t ready to admit that spring is really here, I’m fully embracing it.  You know I like a streamlined closet, but here are five additions I’ve recently added to bring the spring fun.

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What I’m into (January 2016 Edition)

Inspired by Modern Mrs. Darcy, I’m sharing some stuff that I’m digging right now.  Could be a regular feature.  Who knows?  🙂

Cracking Nuts

With my renewed focus on paleo, I’ve been on Team Nut.  (Well, Team raw nuts or nuts not roasted in weird oils.  Natch.)

When visiting my in-laws in January, I fell in love with their mix of nuts in a vase alongside a cracker on the counter.  A beautiful display, something you couldn’t  nosh on mindlessly, and it provided endless entertainment for the boys.  I may have to do my own next holiday season.

1.22_into 1

Isn’t this lovely?

Geox Shoes

In December, I paid a little visit to the Geox store.  My friend raved about her recent purchases.  Another friend mentioned she was interested because it is an Italian brand.

I was proud of myself because I tried on millions of shoes in different sizes and decided not to feel bad about just asking the salespeople to do something they are paid to do.  I really wanted to try on all of them because they were speaking to me.  Classic with a little edge.

In the end, I walked away with two pairs.  A pair of combat boots and some slip-on sneakers.

I’m in love with both.  Absolute love.  I packed additional shoes for my trip, but I shouldn’t have.  These two are all that I need.  They even did great in the snowzilla situation.

Yes, a little pricier, but I’ll pay for quality, particularly on shoes.  And one of my resolutions for this year (that I have yet to tell you guys about) is to buy more Italian stuff.  And to invest in quality things to boot.   (Hehe)

If you are in Italy, I’d definitely recommend a saldi visit to Geox this month!  I know I’ll be back.  Still no OTK purchase has happened . . .


Any visions I ever may have had of myself as a SAHM definitely involved regular visits to the local library.  We have a lot of awesome stuff going on in Italy, but a library with English language books is not on the list.

On our trip stateside, we’ve been hitting libraries every chance we get.  The kids love perusing the books.  The toys there, of course, are way more exciting than any toys would be in our house.  And I love reading something besides the same old thing over and over and over.

1.22_into 2

Driving in America

You guys!  Driving in the States is so easy!  After over a year of no driving, I have driven a few times in Italy.  Each time feels a little like preparing for battle.  Study the route beforehand, load the GPS and Google maps, strap the children in with lots of entertainment because I won’t be able to spare a second of attention for them during the trip.

But in America, it is fine!  Wide lanes, ample parking, the list goes on and on.  Granted, unlike in Italy, I do have to worry about being pulled over for a boneheaded traffic maneuver, but the necessity of making a boneheaded traffic maneuver is much lower.

I don’t love having to drive everywhere, but that’s another story.  For now, viva the automobile!

That’s about it for me.  What have you been into this month?


Footwear Recipe for Rome: Shoes to Keep You Feeling Comfortable AND Stylish

We’ve talked outfits for your trip to Rome.  Now let’s talk about what is arguably the MOST important part of your outfit.  No, not your keep-your-valuables-safe bag.  Not even your Papa Francisco slap bracelet.  (I actually couldn’t find any of those on the internets.  There’s your next million dollar idea.  YOU’RE WELCOME.)

I’m talking about shoes.  That’s right.  Your footwear can mean the difference between your strolling through the Forum in comfort or limping through the sights, too distracted by blisters to appreciate the wonder of the city.  Your shoes can mean the difference between feeling cute on your Roman Holiday or feeling like you sacrificed your personal style for a safe, comfortable option.

Luckily, I think you can have both fashion and function.  In fact, I advocate a two-part plan of attack.  If you find the right shoes, you can do your whole vacation with just two pairs.  Trust.

So what is this magic recipe, you scoff?

7.1_footwear 4

When we first got here, I gawked at sky high heels.  But then I realized that these are not the rule.  And when I looked even closer, I realized that many Romans are sporting cool styles that could walk for miles.

1 Part Sporty Sneaks

Have you guys noticed how gosh darn cool some sneakers have gotten these days?  Throwback styles, fun prints, you name it.  The trick is to pick something with cushion and style.  This is not the time to look like you are about to sweat to the oldies or pump some iron.

I have seen LOTS of fun sneakers here.  Neon colors.  Floral prints.  Even some sequins.  Just like your crazy pants, if you ever wanted to try out a fun sneaker, THIS is the place to do it.

In case you are curious on brands, my completely unscientific observations are lots of Adidas and New Balance.  Some Nike, Saucony, and Reebok.  Some Puma, but not nearly as much as I expected.  Oh, there are oodles of Chucks if this is your jam, but I cannot personally speak to comfort on these.

Start with black if you aren’t feeling too crazy, although these also come in fun colors. I think every fashion blogger I follow has these and swears by them.

I heart this print.

Gray + pattern = yes please

Digging the retro vibe. Can’t go wrong with a classic.

Great in the classic white. Fun in floral.

If laces aren’t your thing, slip-on sneakers are back in a big way.  I haven’t done it yet, but I am dangerously close to adding some Vans to my collection.  Yes, this is hypocritical as I called my middle school friends posers for their Airwalks and Etnies when they were only casual skate aficionados.  Don’t care.

While regular sneaks have great potential for pops of color, I’ve been seeing slip-ons with so many fun prints.  I want them all.

I’m so close, you guys. So close.

Unless I need these. This is why I haven’t pulled the Vans trigger! So many choices!!



When deciding how crazy to go, consider the rest of your wardrobe.  If you are like me and have finally realized that you only wear gray and other neutrals, try a bright color or print.  If your wardrobe has a little more pizzazz, maybe consider a more supporting player.  I fully support pattern mixing, but make sure you find an option that works for multiple outfits.

If you are looking for sneaker inspiration, The Mom Edit has a great roundup.

1 Part Killer Sandals

I think comfortable and cute sandals are the Holy Grail of footwear.  I’ve had some luck finding decent Naturalizers in the past, but I’m not loving their styles this year.  Same for Aerosoles.

Not hating this one from Dr. Scholl’s

These have great reviews

I did have a great experience with a pair of Rocket Dogs once.

And this is where I get kind of stuck you guys.  I’m sure there are plenty of comfy sandals out there that are not in a comfort brand, but I’m too lazy to order them without knowing and I’m never in stores to try them on.

This summer, I ended up going with Birkenstocks.  I know, I know, some of you hate on these, but hear me out.  There are more fun styles than just the traditional two strap now.  And I’m not sure that mine have it, but I have heard great things about the new soft footbed styles.  If you are interested in Birks, you could even wait until you arrive to purchase.  They seem to be a little bit cheaper here.

Whatever you pick, same rules for sneaks apply.  Look at your wardrobe.  Pick someone who will play nice with everyone.  I really like metallics as easy to wear with everything.

Mix both parts on travel days

In my ideal sightseeing world, you would build a pause into your day.  Maybe you hit it hard in the morning, have a leisurely lunch and rest, and then head back out in the late afternoon.  Maybe you go strong all day and then have a late afternoon rest at your hotel before heading out for dinner.  At a place when many restaurants don’t open until 7:30 pm, you’re going to need a break.

Whenever you break, take this opportunity to change your shoes.  It isn’t mandatory, but I think it can help your feet feel fresher and renewed to tackle the city.  Let’s say you wear your sneaks to the Colosseum and Forum.  (Which I would definitely recommend, because of grit, rocks, and dust.)  Then, after your afternoon rest, you slip into your sandals for your evening passagiata and dinner.

And that’s just about all you need.  I’d try to find sandals that would make you feel like you could walk into a dressy restaurant for dinner.  Or just wear your sneakers since sneakers and dresses are a thing now.

Now some of you might be all, but what about other great closed toe options?  What about loafers?  Ballet flats?

To that, I say, if you can find one that feels great, go for it.  For me, shoes in this category fall into the a few hours comfort, but not all day comfort.  They could be OK for medium walking, but maybe not EVERYWHERE walking.

I’m still on the hunt for this category.  I haven’t tried Tieks yet because I’d like to try on something that expensive before buying it, but I know some people rave.  Also, I know some people swear by the Cole Haan ballet flats, but I wasn’t blown away in store.

This loafer speaks to me.  I have a similar printed pair that I love, but definitely only rate for medium walking comfort.

These were some of my fave commuter shoes, but I wouldn’t wear them all day.

Any other footwear suggestions?  Have you tried Tieks?  Any recommendations on comfortable sandals?  Uh, asking for a friend.