5 Wardrobe Updates for Spring (and Summer)

5.5_5 Spring Wardrobe Update

It’s getting hot in here!  So take off all your clothes.  Seriously.  Romans.  At least take off SOME of your clothes.  Temps are pushing 80.  Today, I was wearing a sleeveless top.  Most of the people I passed were wearing sweaters or coats.  NO JOKE.

Even if Romans aren’t ready to admit that spring is really here, I’m fully embracing it.  You know I like a streamlined closet, but here are five additions I’ve recently added to bring the spring fun.


A few weeks ago, I asked a friend, “what is the one piece of clothing that you feel would revitalize your wardrobe for spring?”  She gave me thoughtful responses and then, of course, turned the question back on me.

I was stumped.

I mulled for a few days and finally realized.  Overalls.

I’d fought this for a bit.  See, I remember my “she could be a farmer in those clothes” overalls from middle school.  Was not dying to take this for a spin again.

But the silhouettes are different now.  Skinny overalls!  Flare overalls!  Overalls for everyone!

I was finally sold when I thought that just about everything in my closet would look more interesting with overalls.

So instead of obsessing over this for months (cough, OTK, cough), I decided to just go ahead and do it.

I got some on sale from Madewell.  It took a little while to get used to seeing myself in them, but now I like them.  I like them a lot.

The Perfect Tank

When I decided to pull the overalls trigger, I couldn’t resist poking around the rest of the Madewell site.  I found this:

Let’s just say, I’m in lurve.  This is the new shirt by which I compare all other shirts.

I tried to find a gray tank last year, but couldn’t quite get it right.  I really really really wanted to love my Everlane tank, but the armholes were just too big so back it went.  I found some tanks from Old Navy that I wear, but the armholes are still bigger than I’d like.

It is light, but not see through.  Interesting hemline.  I’ve got two gray ones, and I hope we will be together for quite sometime.

Comfortable Sandals

Shoes are an area where I’m willing to spend.  Because all we do is walk walk walk no matter what.  A few months back, we were walking around on a rainy day and some sandals by *art, a Spanish brand, caught my eye.  I instantly hearted the simple styles and thick footbeds.  I still adore my Birkenstocks from last summer, but I figured they could use a little company instead of my wearing them EVERY day.

Fast forward to now when I am just starting to wear these bad boys.  They are comfortable.  I still like them.  I AM worried I picked the wrong size.  The brand does not do half sizes, and I found myself right in between.  I may have picked the right size for my slender winter feet, but not my slightly swollen summer feet.  Or maybe I’m just still breaking them in.  I will not yet be defeated!

White Jeans

Apparently white jeans are a bit divisive amongst the moms.  One camp is all that’s crazy.  The other camp is all bleach!

It feels like I’ve been seeing white denim outfits everywhere I look.  My mind was made up when I realized white would look fresh with ALL THAT GRAY I wear.  I was picturing an outfit with white jeans, my reddish sandals, and my new gray tank . . .

So I finally pulled the trigger with a pair from Gap.  I’m trying to decide whether to keep the smaller size for a more fitted look or the bigger size for a more “girlfriend” look.  Because I was somehow able to stack Gap and Old Navy coupon codes on these, I may just keep both.

Fancy Sunglasses


This year for my birfday, I decided to treat myself to some fancy shades.  This decision was over a year in coming.  At least.

First, I made sure I could commit to carrying a glasses case with me.

Second, I creepily stared at people and asked to try on their sunglasses.

Third, I used all of my prowess and accumulated knowledge of cheap sunglasses to think about what kind of shapes I like.

And then I pulled the trigger.  I have joined Team Ray-Ban.

So far I’m loving the glasses.  Excellent sun coverage.  Very lightweight.  Super comfortable.  The one thing I don’t like is that, because I don’t want them to warp, I try not to push them up on my head.  This is surprisingly hard.  Like telling somebody to eat with their nondominant hand hard.  Most of the time, I didn’t even realize I was doing it.  But it’s OK.

Now that I’ve poked my head out to add some friends for my (very gray) closet, I’m retreating from shopping again.  The main thing that could turn my head now would be the perfect maxi dress.  I’ve avoided long for years because I’m crazy short (5’2″), but I think I’d like to find an unapologetically ridiculously dramatic maxi dress.  Which is harder than you’d think because I refuse to wear any sort of special bra which seems to be a requirement for like 85% of these.  I’ll let you know how this works out.

What are shopping for these days?  Any warm weather wardrobe updates?  Are you on Team Fancy Sunglasses?

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