Things I say on a daily basis

“Don’t squish Mac.”

“Stop squishing Mac.”

“Don’t lean on him.”


“You can’t have pasta for breakfast.”

“You can’t have pretzels either.”

“New diaper!!”  (Said in the tone of a game show host announcing a new car.)

“We don’t kick Mommy.  We don’t kick Daddy.  Or Mac.  Or cars.  Sure, if you can reach the ceiling fan, you can kick it.”

“You have to walk or you can get in the stroller.  I can’t carry you now.”

“Yes, moto.  Yes, that’s a blue moto.  Big moto!”

“Henry, what are you doing?”


“Dude, that’s a lot of spitup.”

“You did it!”

“Seriously, more spitup?  Where is it all coming from?”

“Thank you, Henry.  That’s very helpful.”

“We’re not watching Frozen right now.”

“We’re not watching Tigger right now.”

“We’re not watching Robin Hood right now.”

“Yes, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are sisters.”

“Mas zooming!”

“Don’t kick your brother.”

“Don’t eat your brother.”

“Aww, that’s sweet.”

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