Hoot: Volume 12 (Mac is funny too)

My kids say some pretty hilarious things.  I’ve been told that I used to say hilarious things once, but my parents didn’t write it down and cannot remember even one witty anecdote.  Inspired by YHL’s Clara Conversations, I wanted to share some isms as I collect a critical mass.

6.20_HOOT (2)

Mac:  I’m tall.
Me:  How tall are you?
Mac:  3

Henry:  Would you like a cupcake?
Me:  I’d love one.
Henry:  Here you go.
Me:  What flavors do you have?
Henry:  Chocolate, Fragola, and Black Mayonnaise.
Me:  Black mayonnaise is an unusual flavor.  What makes it black?
Henry:  The pink shrimp in it.

Henry:  I had a dream about my marathon.
Me:  Oh?
Henry:  Yes.  The bunny rabbits wanted to come too.  I said they couldn’t.

Mac:  (falling and flailing)  I’m doing burpees!  You want to do burpees too?
Me:  I really don’t.  Is this a burpee?  (raises arms)
Mac:  (disgusted)  No.

Mac:  (Belches)
James:  Mac!  What do you say?
Mac:  It was hiccups.

Psst.  Want more hilarity?  Check it out here.

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